Tuesday, July 08, 2008

5 Things About Tuesday, 8th July

  • I just a yummy early lunch, but now I'm doing onion burps. It wouldn't be so bad if there were a few other ingredients thrown in, but just onion?
  • I started my new full-time temp assignment late last week, although their version of 'full-time' means that because I'm getting through the work faster than anticipated they only want me three days this week.
  • I'm annoyed, because I only get paid for the hours I work, and my temp agency consultant is really annoyed. Not so much because they earn less, but because she feels embarrassed and upset for me. She's put me back on their register to try and find me something more stable. Sweet.
  • I wish my old work could see me now. Working too hard. Getting too much done. Imagine!
  • I just had a Fry's Turkish Delight. Given the onion situation, potential bad move.


Ur-spo said...

If it is July 8th than my birthday is done!

The Other Andrew said...

Happy Birthday, whatever day it is!

Victor said...

I like Fry's Turkish Delight but even with my sweet tooth I find them amazingly sweet. They must be pure sugar!

Anonymous said...

Dazzling efficiency. No internet. Coincidence?

Kenyo said...

Mine's a 99!