Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Five Things About Tuesday The 22nd of July: Tall & Handsome Edition

  • Fewer things in the world are nicer than a tall, handsome man telling you he thinks you're attractive too. Now all we have to do is conquer a tyranny of distance and actually get to spend some time together.
  • No I'm not telling you who he is, but he's started reading this blog. He knows who he is.
  • How in hell (despite being told over and over by some of my friends) did I fail to appreciate the music of Swedish pixie Robyn until now? Check out some of her clips here (especially favourite #1, favourite #2, favourite #3) and then take delight in someone who has a song called Konichiwa Bitches!
  • It just adds to my rep as a late adopter, really.
  • The new temp job is going to work out fine for the time being. The work itself is varied, the office has a friendly vibe and the mostly quite young staff all seem to get along well and have some fun, while still working quite hard.


Michael said...

First BROADBAND and now ROBYN?


I'm so vain, I probably thought that first item was about me. For a moment. ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

I KNOW. Catching up to the 21st century fast baby!

Michael said...

PS LOVE the new header. So fresh, so clean.

The Other Andrew said...


mrpeenee said...

Michael is SOOO ridiculous. Obviously, Andrew is referring to me.

The Other Andrew said...

He heh, you're all tall and handsome. Natch.

Charisse said...

I LOVE Robyn!!
I'm also a fan of your new deco style header :)

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Reecie!!

jason said...

Ah...I've been loving Konichiwa Bitches for a long while now.
It's worked its way into my vocabulary. I'm hoping one day people will stop looking at me strangely.

And the tyranny of distance is but a speed bump, I think. How exciting!