Friday, July 18, 2008


I finish up at the temp assignment I have been doing today, primarily because I've been getting through the work faster than they expected and so they haven't wanted me here full time. I had a chat with the boss here about the future of my hours, and at that time he doubted that he could give me the full time hours I was expecting. In light of this I arranged another assignment to start next week, a full time one at a better hourly rate.

So, of course, the guys I am working with currently have given me more hours this week, full time hours in fact. Then they saw the results that in a couple of weeks I have brought down their outstanding debtors to around 20% of what they were. And then I showed them my Virgo tenacity by solving some of their thornier forensic accounting type work.

So having committed to starting a new assignment next week, these guys have now opened disussions about me joining them as a permanent employee. The money on offer is pretty good, the people are nice, and the location is easy to get to. But, it's not really what I want to do (mind you neither is the next temp assignment I have planned).

However, it all means I have options. I'm still hoping to hear from a permanent job I applied for elsewhere, but in the meantime I'm heading off to the new temp assignment on Monday while the guys here put a deal together to make me a proper offer.

They have my number.


Tom said...

Excellent, that's good news!

Now don't forget to factor in the facilites and internet connection into your decision! :)

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly, although a kind friend is lending me a Mac laptop on extended loan this weekend! So I'll finally be able to upgrade my internet connection (there was little or no point before) and be able to surf more from home. w00t!

John C said...

Yay, congrats! Always good to have options. And Macs are love.

The Other Andrew said...

I used to use an ex's Mac laptop, but have limited experience with them. I do however remember how easy and how much fun they are to use. The loan comes with a condition that I don't call the owner up with Help Desk enquiries!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

you go girl :-)

jason said...

They're no dummies.

mrpeenee said...

Excellent. Whatever they offer, demand more. Make them appreciate you.