Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Love Songs

Monday night, eh. It's nearly midnight already and if I had more self discipline I would have gone to sleep an hour or so ago. As it was I had a bit of a bad night's sleep last night (although, still a far cry from the terrible sleep of times not so long past - hallelujah!), so I'm kind of tired. Tired and not sad, but a bit introspective.

I worked back a bit tonight, and as I didn't feel like going home straight away I headed to the grungy internet place that has been a bit player on this blog of late. Not really feeling like sitting in there, or sitting in front of the tv at home, but not feeling like walking the streets in the cold either. It was a nice crisp winter night tonight, not freezing cold but with a real bite in the air.

So I surfed the net a bit and listened to some pop music on youtube with headphones on, almost drowning out the sound of the strange guy a few computers over who told 5 different people the exact same story word for word about some beauty pageant contestant falling over. I started watching the clips of Verboten Liebe from the start, in sequential order (see my previous blog post). Courtesy of an obssessive who has cut together all the scenes pertaining to Christian & Oliver's love story from the soap, with helpful English subtitles. (It takes around 20 clips before they start to get to the having of the kissing, but once they do it seems like you can't stop them. I can't say I blame them.)

Don't listen to love songs (even if they are pop) and watch handsome boys pining for each other if you're feeling a little introspective. It's the left hand path that leads to thoughts of impending spinsterdom, and how is it that even boring and horrible people seem to have a person that looks at them and says "I choose you". (Maybe I'm not boring and horrible enough?)

But walking home I walked through the park, where they've recently piled mounds of wood chips ready to be spread out as mulch, and the cold winter night smelled of eucalypt, in the citrusy menthol way fresh cut eucalypt does. I might not have had anyone to hold hands with, but it wasn't so bad. I guess it meant I could keep both hands warm by jamming them in my pockets at least.


Michael said...

The thing is, Andrew, there's LOTS of boring and horrible people to go around, so it's easy for them to pair up. It can be more difficult for the sparkling gems, like you. And me, of course.

mrpeenee said...

I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you could snag some boring and horrible person. They'd be so grateful, you'd never be able to get rid of them.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ha... you know, I don't think I need to add to michael and mrpeenee's posts. spot on, the both of you, boys :)

btw thanks for getting Godley and Crreme stuck in my head - but not Cry... noooo. I have Englishman in New York aka Strange Apparatus in my head. you have no idea how much the clip for that totally fascinated and FREAKED me out when I saw it on Countdown.


Ur-spo said...

that was lovely

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, you are I are a couple of gems, nichts? In the tiara of life!

Peener, so it's time to dust off the throw pillow with the crosstitched motto "Lower Your Standards, And You're Never Disappointed"?

Speedy, sorry about the earworm! :) A bit.

U-spo, thanks! Melancholia is quite becoming.