Friday, July 04, 2008

Workin' Girl

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, at 6pm on Wednesday night my temp agency rang me with a job offer starting the next morning. So I trundled off to the wilds of a light industrial area to work as part of an accounts team for a large car retailer. Nice people, nice office, bit of an industrial wasteland of a setting, but the killer is NO INTERNET. Le sigh.

So posting will be patchy 'round these parts until the weekend. I was out last night saying Bon Voyage to James O'Brien who departs on his big European odyssey today, and I'm out again tonight, so I will catch you on the weekend! Have fun.

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Ur-spo said...

I thought my office was the last place on earth without internet. ]
i suppose it is lacking to prevent surfing when we are supposed to be working - but who would do such a thing?