Friday, October 06, 2006

Well Hung

I snapped a few pics last night as we were hanging the photography exhibition for the Open Day at the Buddhist centre I attend.

This exhibition is my little pet project. My wee babee. It's great to see it coming together, and these pics aren't the best but it's looking rather fabulous. The large picture in the centre of the pic above is the eyes of Maitreya (the Buddha to come, or 'future Buddha') and the white silk 'khata' scarfe is a traditional Tibetan honourific.

There are 4 photographers in the exhibition with a range of works taken in Tibet, Nepal, India and Australia. Fantastic stuff.

I've been working with a professional hanger, also a student at our centre, and it's been long and tiring work but fun. Since I took these pics we have almost finished, just 4 more images to hang, the labels to mount on the walls, and a bit of obsessing with a spirit level to make sure everyhting is perfect, and it's done. A bit of tweaking of the catalogue for the exhibition is this afternoon's job and then tomorrow we open.

Pop in if you're in Sydney and feel like having a look. The Open Day goes from 10am - 4pm, and I'll be giving an opening address to the exhibition at 10.45am. The address is 9 Victoria Square, Ashfield.


Kt said...

Congratulations - it looks great!

Ur-spo said...

It looks lovely.

Who or what is a 'The Buddha to come"? Is it the same fellow as the original?

'Pong said...

Congrats! How ling is the exhibition for?

dani said...

looks great! well done!!!

The Other Andrew said...

'Pong, it was for the day only really but if you want to see it I'm taking it down this Sunday. I can meet you there if you want to see it.

(BTW - I saw your prints in "Walking the Street", beautiful!)

Dani, thanks!