Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Resisiting The Impulse To Title This Post "Gay's Anatomy"

Andy Towle is the author of my favourite blog about all things newsworthy to we of the homosexualist persuation, Towleroad. He has just posted about the recent announcement by little puppy-dog-eyes cutie T.R. Knight, "George" of the tv show "Grey's Anatomy", that he's gay.

Sadly it's still quite a big thing for a well known actor to come out these days, although the more who do the easier it should get. So T.R. I salute you. Bravo sweetie.

What makes the story even more interesting is that the catalyst for him coming out is that he was allegedly indirectly the cause of a feud between (my future husband) Patrick Dempsey and actor Isaiah Washington. Washington reportedly used a gay slur about T.R. Knight in an argument with Dempsey. Thereby getting every queen in the tv industry offside, in a spectacularly bad career move.

You know what this means. At risk of overstating it, and perhaps bringing in a strong dose of wishful thinking, it means that Dempsey stood up for Knight. He is making me love him. I am powerless to resist. Patrick & Andrew has a lovely ring to it, non?


Michael said...

You can have Dempsey and I'll swoop in to mop up whatever's left after that melee. TR is so eminently snoggable.

The Other Andrew said...

Word. We can hope that T.R. at least offered to make out with Dempsey, out of gratitude. Right?

PS. You do love those hobbitses, don't you?

Michael said...

And what they have in their pocketses, yes.

Sunshine said...

TR is totally adorable. Love those puppy dog eyes. :)