Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Getting Hot In/Out Here

33C (91F in old money) at 10am, on a Spring morning? Good thing there's no truthiness in this Global Warming thing, right?


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

no, none at all, I'm not worried a bit. do you see me being worried? not worried at alllll...

time to invest in mountains real estate.

Ur-spo said...

ah but how is the humidity?

Michael said...

No shit, worldpeace. I always think I wanna head to a coast or maybe retire there....but it looks like I'll be able to do that from here. In 30 years I might be beachfront.

Andrew, at least you have a TEENSY carbon footprint. No car, right? Relatively small abode, right? Tight lil' hobbity ass, right?

worldpeace and a speedboat said...


Tight lil' hobbity ass

back away while you say that Michael, or have doom rained down apon you... sigh. made my morning :-)

ur-spo - the humidity in Sydney's pretty high. we're finally admitting that we're sub-tropical around here after all those years of pretending to be temperate.

I hate humidity.

Bodhi said...

October '05 when I was last up here in BrisVegas the weather was absolutely sweltering. Well into the 30's every single day, but this time around its been quite pleasent. Mild at times, even. Does that put a kybosh on your global warming concerns?

By the way, I am typing this as I sit at the internet cafe at Chenrezig. Situated on the mountains behind the Sunshine Coast. As I look out my window here, I have a nice view over the Stupa, dappled light through the surrounding rainforest with a symphony of local birdcalls.

Very nice, I could get used to this. That and the cute German backpacker boy in the campgrounds here, and all those hot little grommies at Kings Beach Caloundra which we dropped into on the way up. Hey, you can take the boy outta the gay ghetto, but you can't quite take the gay ghetto outta the boy. M'kay. And its spiritual, I can assure you, I'll have you know I am sending much metta there way ;-)

Anyhoo, Ursula says hi. See you soon enough, I fly back tommorow afternoon (Monday). All I can say is there better be some cute male flight crew on the way back, or there will be hell to pay. Flying up with Virgin (stop sniggering, bitches) there were none. NONE. All female crew. Figures.

PS. Mikey, as always, you crack me up sweetie.

The Other Andrew said...

Jeebus it ended up being a really hot day, like 38C was the last number I heard. Thankfully a cool change came in last night and today is cooler. I didn't think the humidity was too bad yesterday, by comparison.

Michael, please don't tell me you're gonna just wait where you are until the coast comes to you. I mean, dude, change is HARD but really... :)

Bodes, glad you're having a good time at Chenrezig AND cruising hot guys. Something for the divine and the profane. Looking forward to hearing your stories when you get back.