Sunday, October 15, 2006

Footnotes & Addenda On Previous Posts

  1. Since I wrote about being largely unmoved by the film of "Rent" I went back and watched the commentary on the DVD, and the deleted scenes, and re-watched some of it. I blubbed during the alternate ending for the film, and actually enjoyed the bits I re-watched a lot more the second time around. I still don't think the film is all that great, but it's nice to know I don't completely have a cold, dead heart, right?
  2. No scuttling, scrabbling or sudden 'corner of the eye' movement seems to indicate that my recent visitor is gone. And I know what you're thinking - but it's been hot and so far no smell, so I'm pretty sure he/she didn't bite the big one under my dishwasher, at least I really hope so.
  3. As it turns out I was maybe a little premature in saying that it was
    already hot at 10am yesterday because it climbed to 38C by late afternoon. HOT.


Michael Guy said...

I get the distinct impression that the wild rat scenario induced a temporary psychosis wherein the repeated viewing of RENT has adequately brainwashed you into submission and unable to make sound judgements.

Got drinkie-poos? I'll be right over.

The Other Andrew said...

MG, you know I have poor impulse control... it's quite endearing I'm told.

Ken said...

Hot? Hot down under? We are supposed to be in mid-autumn here and it was 82 today. I think that's 28 in your kind of degrees.

And that is about all I can manage with temperature conversions -- 82 is the same as 28 and minus 40 is the same for both.

Andrew, I love your posts. The only other Australian I hear from is Holly at Bondi FM. And she's a conputer.

Best wishes,
Ken from Florida, USA