Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Short(ish) Post On A Theme Of Eating & Drinking

I was of a mood to go out for a few bevvies last night and be in the company of my fellow homosexualists, so I rang up my friend Bernard* and arranged to meet at The Newtown Hotel. I hadn't eaten, and we all know that drinking on an empty stomach is a doubleplusungood shortcut to potential embarassment, so I heid off down the road into Newtown proper to grab something to eat. Newtown is well populated with restaurants and take-away joints, and I had a mind to try the taqueria that is So Hot Right Now. Unfortunately it turned out to also be So Packed Right Now with a queue right out the door. For tacos! Who knew?

I settled on Thai from the vegetarian Thai place. I normally avoid food that masquerades as something else, you know? "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" for starters. This Thai place specialises in bbq 'pork' and red curry 'chicken', to name just a few dishes. I threw caution to the wind and tucked into some I Can't Believe It's Not Peppered Beef and I Can't Believe It's Not Duck. Actually, very yummy, although in the back of my mind I was trying to fgure out just how you would make tofu etc resemble these things. The texture was spot on for starters. Sometimes I think too much, I decided.

Afterwards I saw the face of God, or at least had some sort of epiphany. Who knew that the one thing that had been missing from my life, that would make me whole and complete, would be... Green Apple & Ginger gelato. Thank you Jeebus! It was a stinking hot night and inside my mouth it was like a chilly perfect green apple, with a bit of zing.

I met up with Bernard and chanced upon a few other friends and we had a series of beverages at The Newtown, played Who's Cute? for a bunch of hours and watched a couple of generally disappointing drag shows. Bernard's boy (Seven Foot) Stewie had finished final dress rehearsal for the opera he is singing in (we're real gay 'round these parts) and was home, so Bernard and I went back to their place with a kilo of mixed chocolate icecream and a 6 pack of beers to hang out for a while. I could have done without the beer in hindsight, but you would have had to walk over my cold dead body to wrestle that bowl of 4 kinds of chocolate icecream from my hands. Just so you know. Bernard lives close by and I headed home about 1.30(ish), it wasn't too late a night. Good times.

* Oh, I know. The bitch could update that thing once in a while.

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