Friday, October 20, 2006


Hey there chickens, remember me? Not that I'm inferring you all have ADD-like short attention spans or something, but I automatically assume out of sight out of mind, you know?

I still don't have any computer network access, fax or internet at my office. Can you even imagine? Yesterday they hooked us up with a temporary phone line, and given that I was in the office alone (like all on my own with nothing to do and nobody to talk to) you can believe I worked that phone for the rest of the afternoon. Were it not for the fact that I work for a Big Christian Charity you can also believe that I'd be hitting the 1800-HOTGUYS4U or 1800-HOTJOCKS, *cough* or whatever they're called, just to liven up the afternoon. (Can you imagine the apoplexy if they saw that on the phone bill?) Instead I read an entire novel, re-labelled all my already neat files, arranged and rearranged everything... rivetting, non?

By the time I've gotten home from a long exhaustive day of filing my nails, writing To Do Lists for the next 10 years of my life, and making a detailed plan on how to form a loving lasting relationship with Justin Theroux, I've been too exhausted to blog from home. Not to mention the fact that I have an ENORMOUS and engaging social life right now.

Today I've gone into another office for a couple of hours, so my first thought of course is you. It's all you, and only you in my world, you know that. Oh, except for the big chunk that's all about me, of course.


Ur-spo said...

you thoughts are sweet.

Q - 60's girl said...

Funny, you are outta sight but still on my mind :)

As the Buddhist teachings the other weekend said the person in my mind is the last interraction we had or last conversation. And that we hold that in our memory "this is who andrew is" but meanwhile you are changing and evolving each moment and day.

Nevertheless here you are again pretty much what i had in mind uh-huh except maybe the loving plans with Mr Theroux (there are some pretty hot images of him when you google his name btw) but i guess its no surprise you are always thinkin' of others lol ;)


Michael Guy said...

Don't worry, Andrew. Your recent blog absence added an extra three minutes a day on my masturbation schedule. But welcome back anyway. Yep.

Michael said...

Yeah, yeah, miss you, wuv you, ((insert your own pleasantry of choice here)).

Now let's get to the important part. Just how ENORMOUS is this "social life" we're having, darling? Bigger than a beer bottle?

The Other Andrew said...

Do you know what I especially love? The way your individual comments are all so... you. You know? Direct, sweet, insightfull, saucy. *sniff* Let's be Best Friends Forever!

Michael said...

To dispel the myth that I'm one-dimensional, I had considered other comments. Like using "baby bottle" instead of "beer bottle" for instance. I'm too couth for that.
Your BFF,

Stilgherrian said...

Andrew, your delightfully witty posting reminds me that people are so very, very different. For me, a whole day without other people, without telephones ringing, without incessant demands popping up on the Internet — a whole day of solitude to reflect, to ponder, to write — would be pure bliss.

Two thoughts:

1. Your lack of comms did mean you missed ’Pong’s celebratory dinner for his photos being on show last week, which is a shame.

2. For your employer to have been without connectivity for this long demonstrates complete incompetence. Without making this sound like a plug — I won’t link, I won’t name names — my own business does “IT stuff” for small business, and we could’ve gotten you online within 24 hours. Even if we didn’t plan ahead — like, organize the comms before moving everyone to the new office — we’d just have grabbed wireless Internet modem, plugged it into your router (or bought a new one for $70), and given you a temporary Internet link until permanent lines could be organized. The cost — a few hundred dollars all up — would have been far less than the cost of this unduly lengthy disruption to your business.

Which pack of fools do you work for again?

Would you like to give them my card?

Let's hope you’re plugged in again soon — for the sake of everyone’s sanity!

The Other Andrew said...

Stil, the main problem was a cabling issue. Telstra had to come about 5 times, and even had to rip up cables under the footpath a few doors away... each time the Optus guy came to finish the install the cables weren't finished or weren't right. It was a real comedy of errors. As of 5 to 5pm today it may be fixed, I'll soon find out in the morning! I think part of the problem was that we've moved into what was an old residential cottage.

Stilgherrian said...

Ah, Andrew, but that's my point. The wireless modem would have worked regardless of the cables' status.

Still, I'd also have made sure the comms were in place and working before the move... but maybe that's just me.