Monday, October 09, 2006

Open Day. Open Smiles. Open Hearts.

It's way too early on Monday morning, but I woke up an hour earlier than I really needed to this this morning, and so decided maybe I shold put this time to some use. This early sunrise thing, someone really needs to fix that. Thankfully we start daylight savings time (aka Summer!) soon.

Besides, who knows if the telecommunications brownies will magic up a phone, fax and internet connection in our office today? It may well be another day of being disconnected.

Soooo. I hope you had a great weekend, because mine was pretty cool - and you know how I'd hate for you to feel left out, right? It was mostly about the Open Day at my Buddhist centre. It exceeded our expectations in that quite a lot of people turned up, and most importantly quite a lot of the local residents and our neighbours from the street.

Initially there was quite a bit of resistance from the residents and local council to our move into the neighbourhood; it's a very quiet street lined with beautifull big homes and they were worried about traffic volumes, noise and I guess general weirdness. So one main aim of demystifying the place and showing that we are interested in being part of the community was acheived. Lots of people came through and I got a chance to catch up with some students I hadn't seen for a while, and meet some new people, like some friend's of Bodhi's who came along to check the place out and attend some of the talks that were on. It was also really nice to have so many members of the Tibetan community in attendance also, and to have the opportunity to see some traditional musical performers.

The photo exhibition was an incredible success. It looked fantastic, everyone was very taken with how professional it looked and how beautiful the photos were. My aim was to make something interesting and beautiful for people to look at during the day, and to give some fellow photographers the opportunity to show their works, with any sales being a bonus. We sold lots, well beyond what I had hoped for. One of the photographers sold almost half his works, which is a great result for an exhibition.

After the open day I was pretty exhausted, but I girded my loins and rallied the troups and trekked over to the home of one of my Flickr buddies to celebrate his 30th birthday. He and his boyfriend put on a lovely spread of food and drink, and it was fun to spend the evening chatting with my Flickr peeps and geeking out with them by sitting down to watch the season finale of Dr Who.

I didn't do a lot yesterday but take myself out for breakfast, read the newspaper, do some laundry and basically relax. I had some tentative plans for the day, but I decided to just hang out and recharge the batteries. Which thankfully worked pretty well.

I'm having problems uploading photos from my cranky old home pc these days, but if the office internet is up and running later I'll post some pics from the weekend.


Michael said...

Glad things went so well, Andy. I was roaming around the centre's site. Love the photo header with the incense/ash.

We are days away for FALLING BACK into regular time. ME sad. I'm trying to embrace the fall. Really, I am.

My weekend highlight was meeting up with none other than JEN in OH! from over at Freakgirl's pad. Were your ears ringing? Or itching or whatever.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm picturing a sorta Thelma & Louise energy about your meeting with Jen. Accurate?

The VI website is designed by none other than my friend Andrew F - there's a sidebar link to his blog on my main screen. He's very talented.