Tuesday, October 03, 2006

EatFest 2006

Even though this weekend was only a 3 day long weekend, somehow I think I managed to fit in about 6 day's worth of eating. Yeah gods, will I ever be thin again?

Fairy Bread!

Saturday was a special BBQ to celebrateKris becoming an Aussie. Of course this meant novelty food, how could it not? Aside from the Fairy Bread (above) and the patriotic cocktail sticks (below) there were chocolate crackles and lots of yummy bbq.

Cheese Cactus!

It was a fabulous afternoon, lots of great company and laughs. The crowd was a mixed bag of Aussies and Americans, knitters and non-knitters, photographers and non-photographers, bloggers and non-bloggers, gay and straight... you name and we pretty much had that base covered. A small collection of my other photos from the afternoon are here.

On Sunday I went into the Buddhist centre early to start working on the photo exhibition for next weekend's open day, and the off to DV and Daen's house for a bbq. See where the food theme comes in? Yet. More. Eating.

One fact that was much in evidence at the bbq is that the great baby boom amongst my friends continues apace. Thankfully they all specialise in turning out incredibly cute ones, so no polite "My, what an interesting looking child!" comments are required.

Exhibit A: The gorgeous Mattias, who resembles nothing more than a Cupie Doll made flesh.


Exhibit B: Oliver, owner of the bluest of blue eyes.


It was a long, hot and lazy afternoon of eating, drinking and being amused by the antics of children... big...

There's One In Every Crowd

...and small. It made for a perfect afternoon, and one that felt a lot more like Summer than Spring.

In order to prove that you can never ingest too many calories over a long weekend, I had a lovely lunch yesterday at a friend's house. After lunch we sat outside in his backyard for a while, soaking up the heat of the afternoon. Afterwards I headed back into the Buddhist centre to meet a photographer who was dropping off his photos for the exhibition next weekend, and I stayed there until early evening doing stuff in the bookshop.

What else would be the perfect end to a three day binge-fest? None other than last night's new season premiere of The Biggest Loser of course! Bring on the shame storm.


Ur-spo said...

lovely photos; and humorous and touching as always!

The Other Andrew said...


Q - 60's girl said...

Hi A, i love the pickled onions and flags! you are having the best weekends sweetie, ya gotta love summer :) MWAH!!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

awwww, look at the cute widdle baby with the goatee. mummy hasn't been slipping extra hormones in the bottle, has she?

Michael said...

Did someone say Trainer Bob?

Mmmm, I'm not generally a huge bulging fan of the fauxhawk, but on him it works for me. Anything or nothing on him works for me.

Ken said...

Greetings from Florida, where it is still summer and we want it to feel more like fall.

Loved this post. As I do all your posts. What pray tell is "Fairy Bread?" Certainly fairy is not an ingredient, I hope. It looks like a Russian treat I know of as well as a Cuban/Caribbean one sold on the streets of Miami. Oh, and please, please tell me what you folks down there call those little bright colored sugar dots.

yaniboy said...

"Fairy bread is white bread lightly spread with margarine or butter, and then sprinkled with either sugar or more commonly Hundreds and Thousands (also known as sprinkles or nonpareils, a Masterfoods product consisting of small balls of coloured sugar intended to decorate cakes).

Fairy bread is served almost exclusively at children's parties in Australia and New Zealand as a sweet yet more filling alternative to lollipops. Slices of the bread are typically cut into triangles and stacked tastefully on the host's paper plate.

It was originally made using finely chopped rose petals for colour and scent instead of the sugary lollies that are used today."

from Fairy Bread on Wikipedia

I gotta saw I did the "Double Dawwwww" on this post... I saw Mattias, went "Daaaawwwwwww" outloud... then scrolled down a bit more and saw blue eyed Oliver and went "Daaaawwwwwwwwwwww" again...

Damn you and your photo cuteness Andrew... damn you... *shakes fist* :P

The Other Andrew said...

Quinn, you know it. Loving it!

Ken, thanks. In this instance "Fairy Bread" is a clear reference to the chef, if nothing else.

Speedy, Fitz manages to be the biggest baby of all in this post don't you think? :P PS. how cute is your little Mattias, I mean really!

Michael, you know I have big love for Trainer Bob. The mullet though...

Yani, thanks sweetie. Cute babies abound!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh TOA, flattering the Dinghy gets you everywhere, everytime :) he is a sweetie, although the random distress heads he pulls freaks me out a bit. just getting used to the world still, I guess.

and all the freak that mummy hangs with ;)

btw, with Yaniboy's quote from the Wiki - I always thought nonpareils were the larger silver and gold balls. are 100's & 1000's classified as nonpareils as well, then?

and Masterfoods doesn't have a monopoly on the process... we need to storm the Wiki!

The Other Andrew said...

Wiki will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

yaniboy said...


I assume that 100's and 1000's are made the exact same way as the gold and silver nonpareils, so it wouldn't surprise me if they are technically in the same family.

However, since Wiki doesn't actually have a separate entry just for 100's and 1000's, I totally agree we need to storm the baracades...