Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Recap

Monday morning seems to be as good a time as any for two of my favourite things, introspection and The Internets. So in the spirit of navel gazing and work avoidance, I bring another of the semi-regular weekend recaps.

Saturday morning I woke up kind of grumpy, not terribly so, but just working a bit of a "got out of the wrong side of the bed" sort of stizz. I took myself off to a cafe nearby for a mood adjusting breakfast with coffee and the paper, which went a long way towards adjusting said grumpiness. It was Haircut Day, which is always mood enhancing, although this time that was dented a bit by having a cut that is a bit shorter than I asked for and a small price hike that pushes the cost of a cut into the Hard To Justify category in my head.

Afterwards I spent a little bit of time finishing the painting on my poor taste Hallowe'en costume, ironing the rest of my costume and pottering around the house. Morgan came by about 6.30pm and we headed off to Web-Goddess's Hallowe'en Party. I had a really great time, despite deciding to wear a pair of boots that are cripplingly tight and yet always manage to give me blisters. A factor that really came into play on the walk home, meaning that I had to abandon that plan about halfway and get the bus.

Yesterday morning I pottered around the house doing odd bits of housework, reading the paper, having a leisurely breakfast... the usual Sunday morning things. After lunch Mikey (the lovely ex) and I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine" at a nearby cinema, which I really enjoyed. A very sweet film, and laugh-out-loud funny in some spots. We rounded off the afternoon with a couple of beers at The Newtown Hotel, before heading our separate ways in the early evening. A night of being glued to the tv with a pizza ensued, first "Australian Idol" and then the "ARIA Australian Music Awards". I had good plans to go to bed early and compensate for the switch to Daylight Savings Time, but an encore performance of the first episode of Tripping Over (which I missed the first time around) put a stop to that plan. I mean, two words: Daniel. MacPherson.

Exhibit A:

So very cute.


Ken said...

Oh, Andrew, I just love your blog. Since it's fall here we just began Standard Time and it is bright in the early morning -- who needs that? -- and it gets dark at 4:30 P.M.

Our weekend was highlighted by the perfect outdoor autumn event, a turkey fry. Yes, a whole turkey carefully dipped in boiling oil. Yum! Actually it is the best way and much more moist than oven roasted ones.

By the way what does a haircut cost down under? Oh, that sounds naughty. I mean in Australia what does one cost? Here a plain one is about $9.00 US and a one or two dollar tip is often added.

Happy Halloween!

The Other Andrew said...

Ken, thanks for the lovely comment. Deep frying a whole turkey sounds kind or wrong to me, but having never tried it I'm willing to keep an open mind on the subject. :) Growing up in a very English household I used to think we ate a lot of fried food, but when it comes to a love of all things fied (and frying technology) the US leads hands down!

I pay 'artsy salon' prices. An old style barber here in OZ will only cost about AUS$15 or so, but I'm embarrased to admit I pay around 4 times that... too much. Tipping at the hairdresser is not a usual thing here.

Michael said...

You pay AUS$60 for a haircut! You get a happy ending, right? Well, as we've seen recently, the results do speak for themselves. Mazel tov, liebchen.

I feel better about my USD$30 (plus tip). I told Alan he's getting a lil' something extra next time if he wears the coppery lipstick that he sported at the Masquerage thing. We shall see.

The Other Andrew said...

It costs, looking this good.

Speaking of Masquerage, how was it? I expected some bon mots post-event, but silence. Good times?