Monday, October 30, 2006


Here are some pics from the fantastic Hallowe'en party given by Web-Goddess & The Snook on Saturday night. As Kris said the standard and creativity of the costuming on the night was great, the food was yummy (even if not always palatable looking!) and a great night was had by all.

Kris's mom had sent over a bunch of Hallowe'en treats from the US again this year. This time I steered clear of the Marshmallow Peeps (gross) and tried Candy Corn for the first time (underwhelming, I'm sad to say). After The Snook shared the knowledge that Peeps puff up to enormous proportions if you microwave them, Miss Helen kept sneaking into the kitchen to prove the story true.

Festive decorations (left) and Amy (the Music Pirate) with sheriff Miss Helen of Spycore (right). Helen is brave enough to try the grossness that is Marshmallow Peeps.

FestivePirate, Cowgirl & Peeps

Jane (left) as Emily Howard (The Not Very Good Transvestite) from Little Britain and Amy & Rob (right) as a Music Pirate and a Corporate Pirate.

But I'm A Lay-deee!The Music Pirate & The Corporate Pirate

It's a Matter of of taste. Morgan eats eyeball (left) while I tuck into a witch's finger (right). Oh, and yes, the finger was delicious - it's my costume that's in poor taste.

Morgan's Favourite: EyeballBad Taste

More of Kris's pictures are here, and here are all the pictures I have posted so far.


Ur-spo said...

it's nice to know Hallowe'en is celebrated all over.
As usual, the photos are well done and a hoot to see!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks ur-spo. The hostess of the party is from the US, and some of the guests were Americans too. So it was like an 'ex-pat' sort of deal. Hallowe'en isn't that big a thing here, although I think marketeers have decided it's another worthwhile thing to push.

Miss Eudoxia said...

LOVE the costumes. Great pics, as always !

Michael Guy said...

WHAT FUN! And, Andrew--blonde is your color! Though that cut leaves something to be desired; I just don't think it flatters your features.

The Other Andrew said...

Miss E, thanks!

MG, that style is called 'mullet' and I bought it for $9.95 from a local discount store. I think that particular flat yellow blonde tone is fetching on anyone, don't you think? Makes my skin tone look especially pink and florid.