Friday, December 02, 2005


I wasn't very chatty yesterday, but I want you to know that I did you all a favour. If I had gotten started it would have turned into one of those onesided ranting conversations about me, me, ME! that has you shuffling your feet, looking at the cracks in the pavement, thinking to yourself "Jeez, if he gets any more worked up the spittle's gonna start flying".

I woke up with a scratchy sore throat yesterday, which in retrospect was the highpoint. Work was hatefull, right up until about 8pm when I finally shut the computer down and said "Enough of this vile servitude!" Worst of all, bad hair day and a bit of a skin break-out. I can deal with so much more when I at least feel pretty.

Blah de blah...

Anyhoo, even though I don't believe in God, today I am proclaiming loud and clear Thank God it's Friday! Still hella busy today, but tomorrow's the weekend y'all.


Michael said...

I can't very well fault you for one day considering I have 'gone to ground' Lestat-stizz for almost a week. Missed you, though.

Michael said...

PS It's not Friday here yet! Damn.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm talking to you from the fuuutuuuuure!!

C'mon, at least I posted two pics of the unhinged mural outside the church, so you got a little bit of me. A small lick, rather than the usual 'craving for attention' mouthfull.

Bodhi said...

That should be Thank Brad it's Friday!, sweetie. Being the non-theistic gay Buddhist that you are, I thought you would have gotten that pink mafia centre member memo by now. Its all been Queer Buddhist Council agreed, and even Dalai Lama stamped and everythin'.

Well .... kinda .... maybe .... sorta ... ummm ....

Oh What-ever.

Does it help if I tell you that my vote was unanimous?

Bodhi said...

M'kay, things are now getting a little weird here in my office this afternoon. My work has its big Xmas party (I'm not going) on this evenining at some swanky harbourside venue. Anyway, the PR people in all their wisdom (ie. I think they did a little too much white powder) decided to rather unoriginally do a White Xmas theme this year, and therefore the dress is "white".

After being in the usual corporate clobber all day, its now after 3.15pm here and people are beginning to change into their white gear. It's a little weird and surreal I must say. It kinda looks like a Gay White Party, except its a straight generally older business crowd.

Ok, again I say it, weird.