Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chrissie Pissie

Later today is the Chrissie Pissie, the Christmas party hosted by my friend Louise (who goes by the handle World Peace & A Speedboat in my comments and on the group blog For Battle!). A long afternoon and evening of eating, drinking, catching up and having a good time.

An essential part of the Chrissie Pissie tradition is the buying and giving of the $15 Crap Present. All the gifts go into a box to be handed out willy nilly, so issues of taste, gender and age all go out the window when you are shopping. The rule of thumb is, cheaper, funnier and tackier the better. Surly Santa (Gordon) will hand these around, and every now and then someone will hint that a pressie would perhaps find a good home with one of the kids or whoever, but aside from that it's generally random.

Presents about to be handed out. Christmas, 2003.

I found a bunch of shots from the Chrissie Pissie in 2003 on my computer. It's fun to look back on these. Kids have grown, new kids have been born, or will be by next year (congratulations again Speedy!) and most of us have seen quite a bit of change in the past 2 years, but yet many things don't change. Friendships have, for the most part, survived those couple of years, and will do for many more.

Coz, dark angel, rocks out. Christmas, 2003.

Dspite the fact that this pic is out of focus, I love this pic of Coz rocking out with black angel wings and an inflatable guitar (both two of the more superior $15 Crap Presents). Good times.


Michael Guy said...

Sounds way too festive! Be sure and share your noble pressie with us! I am enjoying your last night as you enjoy my tomorrow. No zen moment here...just two glasses of chardonnay.

luscious loulou said...

Red wine for me on this icy night.

You aussie party people are way too cute, Andrew. Have a blast.

Cozalcoatl said...


About to head off there soonish.

here is another picture from that day.

The Other Andrew said...

Here you go Coz, I turned that into a clickable link for you through the power of magic: Rockgods. It's a nice pic of you and Rob! I love the classic 'stubby of beer in the shorts pocket' stizz.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

nice post TOA... and the old photos - look at all the green! can't wait to have that much green again. mind you I used to feel that way after every Chrissie Pissie once the cricket set and/or launchable weapons of mass destruction had been used up. heh.

btw still eating leftovers... loved your little bikkie bits! hope you enjoyed yourself :)

The Other Andrew said...

I had a blast Lou. Lots of fun. The garden was pretty lush back in 2003, wasn't it? Lovely.

I was crushed when I got home to find that I'd left my gift behind. :-( Oh well, add it to the box for next year!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I haven't actually played with it to see if it works, but the tank is still in one piece (which is a good sign)... I'll give it to you at the next thing we both go to. I like being able to give things back, they don't *have* to stick around for a whole year keeping my house full of crap company, you know ;)