Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Jeezalou but it's hot here in Sydney today. The forecast was for 33C (about 92F I think), with a storm this afternoon. It's like being in the tropics out there today, only without the palm trees. It feels like it has already passed the 33C forecast, and it's headed towards something much hotter.

Oh, and a big shout out to my friends in the wintery Northern Hemisphere! Holla!

In honour of overheated tropical days here is a pic of a big old flower that is blooming near my house. It currently stands about 5 foot high. I'm not sure, but I think it might be a triffid.

[Updated: OK, according to a reliable commentor (Bodhi) and the little weather-bot thingy on my sidebar, at just before 2 pm this afternoon it was 39C or 102F. Woohoo. Sorry, can't talk, busy melting.]


Bodhi said...

It hotter than a naked boy band overdosed on viagra in a sauna. Well, maybe not that hot, but indeed at 1pm it hit 38 degrees C, which is 100 degree's F.

Michael said...

Triffid. Hee! And you all snack-sized.
It's actually a canna, no? I have them in my oh so rural backyard. Well, not NOW, I don't. As I type this it's -11C. Fuck.

Michael said...

-11 translates to...ummmm.... colder than Gwyneth Paltrow's titty in a brass brassiere and stuck in a meat locker

That warms me up a lil' actually. Gwynny stuck in a meat locker.

The Other Andrew said...

Canna? Prolly. I always smile when I hear "Canna", it makes me think of my Scottish relatives. "I cannae do it!"

I heart triffids.

"...But I really got hot when I saw Jeanette Scott fight a triffid that spits poison and kills..."

The Other Andrew said...

PS. -11C. Fuck.

Says it all really.

luscious loulou said...

"...But I really got hot when I saw Jeanette Scott fight a triffid that spits poison and kills..."

How sad is it that I started singing in RiffRaff's voice almost immediately. I musta scanned it and the voice just came out.

You know, that was a bloody scary film. My dad used to wake me up (on school nights) to watch it on the Late, Late Show. Whadda guy, eh?

The Other Andrew said...

"Whadda guy, eh?"

Makes you cry. Und, I did.

I've seen Rocky Horror somewhere around 60+ times. In the early 80's when the audience partcipation thing was shiny & new, and clever, I used to perform in one of the alternate casts that performed along with the film. Ah, good times. I can't begin to tell you how much fun, and how liberating, it was to be surrounded by a couple of hundred other like-minded freaks every other Friday night.

Don't dream it, be it.

luscious loulou said...

John Wyndham books. I read ‘em all after seeing “triffids”. That’s what I meant by scary – kind of like the Dr. Who “Are you my Mummy?” for this little girl. There wasn’t much scary stuff back then and right in your little front room, late at night. ::shiver::

If I saw it now, it’d probably be just jokily nostalgic and bad but then, man it was creepy.

The Other Andrew said...

There was a remake for tv of The Day Of The Triffids a while back, which actually was pretty scary. The idea of about 90% of the world going blind overnight is a pretty scary premise. I read the book years ago, I really should get around to re-reading it someday.