Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Attachments Than A Vacuum Cleaner Factory

Yesterday was a whirlwind of shopping and desire.

My employers had given us all $200 gift vouchers from one of the big department store chains for Christmas, so yesterday I braved the post-Christmas sale crowds and the heat and went shopping. The intent was for clothes, and I didn't do too badly on that score. I was little bit stymied by the fact that my sizes were already sold out in a lot of the ranges, even though it was only the second day of the sale. Who knew there were so many munchkins in the world?

I decided to trawl the rest of the store for bargains, and so added a complete set of fab bedlinen to the mix. (I could have spent a fortune on bedlinen alone, they had some gorgeous sets at between 30-50% off.) Not bad when the whole day's shopping cost me under $300, and would normally have cost me over $500.

(I'm still trying with the whole 'Budhist non-attachment' thing, really I am. But c'mon, these were bargains!)

The menswear departments were a sea of beauties, which was both pleasant and very distracting. I swear that straight Australian men are just getting better and better in the style and grooming department. Although I do greatly applaud this, and appreciate the eye-candy, it can however wreak havoc with the gaydar. Things were so much simpler when we had hair care 'product'... and they didn't.

In the afternoon I was passing a cinema and decided to go and see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe. I absolutely loved it. The four kids turn in fantastic performances, Tilda Swinton is great, the overall design of the film (and the creatures especially) is wonderful and I found it a really satisfying experience. I was a huge fan of the book as a child, and I think they have done a really great job of translating it to the screen. C'mon, I cried for goodness sakes! That's got to be a good thing, right?

I tried to organise a night out last night, but most of my friends were either out of town still or are working this week. So I did something I rarely do, and decided to go out alone and see if I could run into anyone I know (or wanted to). Ok, I was horny, alright? I wandered down into Newtown with the intent of going to the pub, but it was dead. There was hardly anybody on the street, and only a modest crowd in the Newtown Hotel. So I took a pleasant stroll along King St instead, enjoying the warm night, and headed home for an early night. Not as satisfying as getting new sheets at 50% off, but it'll have to do.

[Updated: It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who liked the movie. Oh, and yaniboy thanks for the heads-up that the very cute boy who plays Peter is 18. Sure, I still feel like I'm a pervy old bastard, a pervy old bastard that sits alone in a cinema surrounded by shopping bags and shedding a manly tear, but it helps my mental health to know that he's not like 15 or something. Oh, and yes I agree that Mr Tumnus was also the hotness, even though you just know that he probably whiffs like wet dog or something.]


duane said...

$200 gift voucher?!? Jealous! Where I work, there are 2 types of employees; full time employees, and contractors. While we both work full time and at the same office at the same time (thus making us all feel as if we are one in the same), we are governed by separate managers. Every day before a holiday, they always say that you can have 59 minutes of leave (kind of like a... go home, have fun kind of thing). Our managers always say, "except for you, bitches!" It would be nice to just get the fucking hour, let alone $200!

The Other Andrew said...

Rude! Tell them next time that you won't ride at the back of the bus, Rosa.

When I piss and moan about work, it has to be read in the context of how nice they can also be. As well as the vouchers in a card we also got gifts (mine was a nice slip covered box set of two cookbooks by one of my favourite cooking authors, Aussie cook Donna Hay), French champagne to toast with and a free lunch. Negates some of the crazy, crazy.

yaniboy said...

Dammit... I gotta come work where you work Andrew!

And yeah, Tumus probably does whiff, although more like wet goat one imagines...

I'm blaming Will/Peter's prenatural jawline... he was much less cute in the chainmail and helmet...

And yeah, I cried too, not once, but a bunch of times... I thought I put that in my post, but on checking back, obviously not...