Thursday, December 08, 2005

Minty Fresh?

Assume the following:
  1. You are of the male persuasion
  2. Like me (and apparently him too) you are a somewhat frequent pee-er
  3. Consequently, you have just headed into the men's room for one of many trips to the urinal today

Ok? Everyone have that firmly in the forebrain?

So, assume that you are standing at the urinal. In the act of ensuring aim, you look down and see, sitting in the bottom of the urinal, the following item - a sprig of mint. In the sudden rush of thoughts that run through your brain, would they include:
  • Air freshner?
  • Garnish?
  • Where in this building are they serving Mojitos?


Michael said...

Those and also "OMG, Martha's been in here!"

Michael Guy said...

A mint sprig sure beats the clump of chewing gum found here this morning. What motherless bastard spit gum into the urinal?! Raised by wolves!?

Hmmm? Perhaps mojitos served from urinals is the next 'big thing.'

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! If Martha had been there I think the urinals would also be cleaner. I mean, she'd have a Guatemalan with a scrubbing brush and pail in there so fast.

Michael (Guy) I knew somebody would go there eventually. :-)

I'm stumped to figure out how it got there though. I mean, someone was chewing on it and sneezed? Had it tucked behind their ear? What? Enquiring minds want to know!

luscious loulou said...

Okay, Andrew. I have to ask this.

How the hell did you know it was mint? Couldn't it have been a leaf off of some Christmas-type plant?

You didn't reach in and smell it... you're a fastidious Virgoman.

So how?

The Other Andrew said...

Trust me, there was no sniff-age or any other form of very close examination, but I can tell it's mint. Mint has a distinctive leaf.

Back when I was a drinker, mojitos and I were very good friends.