Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not Nagging, Reminding

Bloggers in the Sydney area, don't forget that tonight is the monthly Sydney Weblog Meetup!
Tuesday 6th of December
Coopers Arms Hotel

221 King Street, Newtown.
6-6.30pm start, Trivia starts at 7pm.

C'mon, you know you want to.


Kt said...

You're right. Yes, I do. Sadly, I can't. I will however be at the Sydney Photobloggers meetup this Sunday. Don't suppose you're going to that one?

The Other Andrew said...

I'm not sure kt, I might come along if I can. You guys are all so amazing though, I'm daunted! Lil' old me with my Canon IxusV2...


Kt said...

Oh puhleeeze. They're not anywhere near as scary a bunch as I initially imagined!

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The Other Andrew said...


Actually, I've met Rob & Amy before and I think they normally go to the Sydney Photoblogger get togethers. I met them at Kris's halloween party (Web-Goddess that is). Nice people.

Ok, talked me into it! :-)