Monday, December 12, 2005

Flickr Sydney Photobloggers Meetup

I decided to get myself along to the Christmas meetup for the Flickr Sydney Photobloggers Group on Sunday. What a fantastic day! It was a large and very friendly group, 16 of us in total.

We started the day with a walk through the beautiful Queen Victoria Building. I work just around the corner from the QVB, and walk through it every morning on the way into the office, so it's familiar territory for me. The QVB is currently home to a 4 story tall Christmas Tree (brought to you by Swarovski Crystal) that is covered in thousands of crystal ornaments.

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QVB Christmas Tree
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After the walk through the QVB we went down to Chinatown for a lovely yum cha lunch; ate, drank and went around the table giving snippets of information about ourselves. After lunch we encountered a human rights rally protesting the Chinese Communist regime, which turned out to be a perfect photo op. The protestors and people putting on cultural displays were more than happy to pose for a bunch of enthusiastic shutterbugs.

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Free Tibet
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Ready For Action
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I didn't get any photos of the group, but Meredith took this lovely group shot and she snaffled a passing guy to take this (slightly out of focus!)one of us all. Yankinoz snapped this pic of Gadgetgirl, myself and James.

There are lots of great photos from the day on the Sydney Photobloggers Group page, and why not also go give some love to these fine folks who made the day so fun:
James M
Alex Craig
The Department
Matthew L Stevens (no photos yet)
Red Eric
tALSit de CoD
Amatr Sam


Sunshine said...

I love the QVB! It's so cool how everything is hooked up underground in Sydney. Love it. :)

The Other Andrew said...

That's it, you can make like some sort of subterranean troglodyte in Sydney if you want to! Never see sunlight again!!

Sunshine said...

Suits me just fine. I'm not a sun person :) I'm actually coming down in February with Sam for a wedding. :)

The Other Andrew said...

Oh cool, if you have any spare time and want to meet up just let me know!

I'm not much of a sun person either. I burn just by looking out the window...

Miss Helen said...

Everytime I go past the big treeTM, there is an old lady getting her photo taken by the trunk and I can't help but think "Wow, that's going to be exciting" in my best Daria voice.
I've taken to carrying a parasol to avoid the sun.

Michael Guy said...

What's not to like re: tree. 4-stories and Swarovski crystal ornaments sound quite fetching. Sounds like the perfect wedding gown for moi. If I were to have one. A wedding. Which I am not. Cuz we've been together already for 25 years. But it was a nice thought: me and a 4-story wedding gown.
:: putting crack pipe down gently ::

LOVED the BLOGGER group shot; how very nice to get together and meet!

The Other Andrew said...

Miss Helen, maybe said lady is in the employ of the QVB? Adding a touch of realness maybe?

Maybe I should try a parasol?! Oh, and learn to run very fast... :-)

Miss Guy, I knew you were a big queen, but 4 stories tall? Wow. You must have a huge... What rating is this blog? I was going to go all PG for a moment there.

25 years! ::polite golf claps:: Well done. I think I have a shirt I've had for 25 years, and that's about my max commitment wise.

The photoblogger meetup was enourmous fun. I had to deal with my feelings of inadequacy, they all had lovely matt black equipment and mine was a palm-of-the-hand sized does-everything model, but that's nothing I'm not familiar with.

Miss Helen said...

The photoblogger meetup was enourmous fun. I had to deal with my feelings of inadequacy, they all had lovely matt black equipment and mine was a palm-of-the-hand sized does-everything model, but that's nothing I'm not familiar with.

Hey, it's not how big your camera is, it's what you do with it. No? And you take lovely photos!

I looove the shot of you and Amy and Rodd, it is just too cute! 3 of my favorite Sydney bloggers!!

Here are my thoughts for the other andrew parasol, aka the other parasol. A rather butch BLACK parasol, with strings of barbed wire forming a cage around your body, with a protective coating of something on the inside so as to help you avoid personal injury, thusly making it seem very unwise to pursue you in an unfriendly fashion. Just a thought.

The Other Andrew said...

Miss Helen, sometimes size does matter. I'm talking lenses of course! Thatnks for the comments on the photos, the one thing that I'm finding frustrating about my current camera is the lack of any manual overrides. For instance, the focus on my pics is not as good as it should be because my camera averages it. It'd be nice to be able to play around with focus, depth of field etc. Having said that, it's very compact and portable, and easy to have handy for when I spot things on my walks.

I'm kind of digging the goth parasol stizz, although I think my persona is a little too approachable and 'touchy-feely' (I wish) for barbed wire. I'd make it look good though.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

TOA, that's quite a nice photie of you in the trio shot! :)

my dear, answer your emails - will we be seeing you on saturday? also, do you know if anyone forwarded the Pissie info to Sarahbear? I always misplace her email addie...

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, I've hit you up with a couple of emails, sorry for the delay... well actually not delay because you asked us to RSVP by 15th December, m'kay. I'll be there with Martha Stewart sweetie stizz.

It isn't too bad a pic. There's a few nice ones in amongst the photos from the other photographers that were there. Nice bunch of people!