Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Quickie

A busy morning of last minute work crises, and then an afternoon of eating and baking in the sun by the water at our work end of year break-up/Christmas lunch today. I'm not normally a fan of blogging about not blogging, but this is probably going to be it for today I'm afraid.

Know that it doesn't mean that I love you any less, m'kay.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

I adore you brief and to the point. Love you fast and never nasty. It seems like you're almost gone (and so tomorrow) so I'm getting my Happy Holidays in now. Have a great time with your family, liebchen! You're often in my head, making me laugh and making me think. The greatest gift. If I rustle up that plane fare, maybe there'll be same time zone head for us in the new year.

Michael Guy said...

Oh great! No more posts from you today as you're out and about sunning?!

:: Chewing xanax tablets with Moet ::

Have a divoooon day, Andrew!

The Other Andrew said...

I'm feeling the love boys. (At least, I love this thing I'm feeling, is that the same thing?) Not gone yet, one more day before I climb about a 'budget carrier' and head for Schwester Land. Work is done with until next year though. Can I get a "Hell yeah!"?

As it turned out, 32C was an understatement it shot up over that until it was nearly 100F. Hot! Mr Mike, if you get here in the New Year, which would be brilliant, bring a set of Dress Shields because your gunna sweat.

Mr Guy, Xanax & Moet? They spell that "Cocktail" in my book. Thanks for the best wishes.

Love you boys!