Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now With Less Snark

I would like to tender my apology to all the lovely, bright and sunny, happy gay couples out there. Sorry, I don't know what came over me. I wish you all well. (Got any single friends? Email me, m'kay?)

While I have my Apologist Hat on, today is going to be a little light on posts. Sorry for that, but I'm feeling a bit crap (sore throat) and am insanely busy at work. So far I've spent less than half an hour wasting time on the internet. That busy.

So, in the interim why not go and get your cute on?

[Link via the ever fabulous Freakgirl.]


Bodhi said...

Aaaaack! First with the sweetness of the smiling happy gay couples, and now you try and send me into hyper glycemic shock and emotional meltdown with the getting of my cute on. I'm really not in the mood for this at the moment.

Seeing all those cute fluffy animals, reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from the book Dharma Punx by Noah Levine:

When I first got sober and started in on recovery and would hear about serenity I always equated it with some place outside of myself. I had a picture in my mind of a peaceful meadow filled with wildflowers, butterflies, and grazing animals. I felt that peace was for hippies and that as a punk rocker it had been my duty to fight against those passive, useless people, to foster some real changes, or at least to leave a path of destruction so that someone would know I had existed. My vision in those days was to enter the serene meadow with a flame-thrower, smoking a cigarette, and burn down the whole fucking place, destroying everything and killing Bambi.

I'm right on the edge here, m'kay ... I'm fragile. I may need a hug. I may also just need to scream a lot ... or cry... and it may or may not include flame-throwers ...

duane said...

Andrew, I think that you should never apologize for things that that... seriously. People that are happy in relationships are often wanting their friends to experience the same thing, so it isn't for lack of wishing. I also think, that in my professional opinion, that you are an AMAZING catch, and are just minutes away from some amazing boy sweeping you off of your feet (or the other way around... however you prefer it). Trust me. When I was "on the market" it was refreshing to fin "REAL MEN" out there, because there are not a lot to choose from.

There's love for you in ATL, buddy. Know that!

The Other Andrew said...

Bodhi, you're scary. You know that, right? I say that with love. I know you are having a crap time at present pet, doesn't misery love company? Can we be a pity party of 3? (See Michael's comment)

Duane, awwww pumpkin you are too sweet. Got a brother? A gay one?

You are also one half of one of those happy couples, but I promise not to make with the slapping. :-)

BTW, wanna be my PR agent?

Bodhi said...

I am the first to concede that I may be a little scary at the moment Andrew.

Hopefully, I will resume with my usually scheduled 'bodhaciousness' and peace filled frivolity shortly ...

Michael said...

I'm not apologetic. I begrudge them their happiness. No fair!

Michael Guy said...

Be careful what you wish for. Cutting the Silver Jubilee cake July 2006 here. What's wrong with being single and divine?


:: midlife crisis in progress ::

We now resume our normally scheduled programmes.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Me, I prefer pavers; tumbled sandstone, Tuscan style accents... less maintenance.

Bodhi said...

Normally scheduled programmes? Well, maybe not just yet ...

I read this over at a fave blog of mine called A Beautiful Revolution, which is written by Andre. It appealed to me, maybe a little too much at the moment. The post is simply called James Blunt RIP

'You're beautiful'
'You're beautiful'
'You're beautiful it's true ...'

By the way his blog is most enlightening and amusing, and is well worth a look. You will find a link on my homepage.

Less maintenance sounds nice Andrew. I think I will go with the Zen look of paved paths, wooden decks and bridge over water concourse, and pebbles. Definately some bamboo and black mondo grass. But not too much.

[Mumbling under breath: 'Lawned coupled white-picket-fences bitches']

The Other Andrew said...

Jeez, TOA is normally such a happy place!

Another hella busy day today. It's 5.30pm and I haven't even posted yet. :-(

Amanda said...

James Blunt RIP = gold plated brilliance. I must find a link.

Never mind TOA. I hated the happy couples too.

Michael said...

Y'all can have your pavers, I still want a well-manicured lawn kept thusly by a big-dicked yardboy who smiles a lot because he's simple.

Cozalcoatl said...

That cute overload site is awesome.
How many times can a grown women say "waww" "ohhh" "i want one" and still have all her clothes on.

Bodhi said...

Y'all can have your pavers, I still want a well-manicured lawn kept thusly by a big-dicked yardboy who smiles a lot because he's simple.

Yes Ms Solis. By the way, your Wisteria is looking particularly lovely at the moment.

[Smiles sweetly]

Bodhi said...

Jeez, TOA is normally such a happy place.

Should I go to my snow cave now, and find my power animal? Bah!

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

I am Jacks smirking revenge.

I felt like destroying something beautiful.

OK, I am now quoting the character Tyler Durden (played by His Brad-leyness, *temporary smile*) from Fight Club. It's gunna get ugly people ...

The Other Andrew said...


Bodhi said...

Awwwwwwww, s**t.

Sorry sweetie darling sweetie. I'm just really emotional and tired, pet. In all seriousness, I feel a little like the character Bilbo in Lord of the Rings when he says he feels like too little butter spead over too much bread.

It's been a long time since I have felt this bad. I do know it will pass, and despite it all everything is fundamentally OK.

I would like to talk to you soon Andrew about what's goin on. Was gunna do it the other day, but you were doin such an awesome job of cheering me up and making me feel almost human again, that I dared not touch the pain for fear it would again overwhelm me. It was so great, just to be a little free for a while.

S**t. *Sniff*

Is it just me, or did it just feel really Jerry Springer here? When Gays Emotionally Implode, stay tuned (*faint smile*).

Maybe it's best if I keep my sharing to a minimum at the moment ..

I'm sorry everyone ...

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes, I should hopefully be home at a reasonable hour tonight if I can get this verchacte client offer documentation off my desk today. So do you wanna call me tonight or come on over? I can call you when I get home of that's easier.

I have a roll of industrial strength paper towel, 'cause I'm guessing tissues aren't gonna cut it.