Monday, December 19, 2005

Breakfast Of Champions

Yesterday was a gloriously warm and sunny day in Sydney, just perfect for breakfasting and shopping. I met up with my friend Bodhi, and his daughter Ashley, for breakfast at Barmuda in Newtown. Fantastic potato & vegetable stacks, and a huge order of ricotta hotcakes with fresh berries were consumed. Afterwards we wandered King Street south and parts north until our feet gave out.

Breakfast Blingfest
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Ashley's hat and purse. Some days, the only viable option is sequins.

Born To Shop
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Like father, like daughter. At this point they were looking at movie posters, and "oohing" and "aahing" over Hayden Christiansen I think.

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It's a little washed out in this last pic, but the sky was a beautiful cerulean blue. It made me think of the line from a song by Roisin Murphy:
"Where the sky goes on for miles,
and never tires,
of an improbable blue."

Good times. On a day like this, why the hell would you want to be anywhere else?


Michael said...

It's -18C here as I type this. Merry Christmas, bitches!

LOVE that photo of father and daughter consumering.

The Other Andrew said...

Cheer up little soldier, spring will come again. A white Chrismakkuh would be nice though, right? If it weren't for all the shovelling?

Bodhi and Ashley were more oggling than consumering at this point. They were in the movie star section...

Bodhi said...

Hayden, Brad, Orlando, Vin, Johnny, Heath, Jake, Keanu, Johnny, Ashton, Leonardo, Chris, Colin, Matt, Ewan, Guy, Josh ...


Homo says what? And we were not oggling, TOA, its beneath one. I mean really. We were perusing with purpose. There might allegedly have been some squealing like a teenage girl ... though I can't speak for Ashley ;-)

And we restrained from the consumering, Mikey. It is indeed possible to enjoy shopping for hours, and not buy anything. Even when Ashley discovered a heavenly scent that suited her perfectly and turned out to be, of all things, Christian ...

Lacroix, sweetie, Lacroix!