Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday In The Park

Prayer Flags 1
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Yesterday was the end of year picnic celebration for the Buddhist centre I attend. It was a beautiful warm day, 30C and just a few high whispy white clouds in the sky. We had a lovely spot in amongst shade trees at the park at the bottom of Glebe Point Rd, Glebe (part of the Blackwattle Bay/Jubilee Park band of parks). Once the rugs were down, the prayer flags were up, and the food was out it all looked very festive.

I had been feeling crap with a sore throat on Saturday, but by Sunday morning it had pretty much gone. I got up early and made Delia Smith's absolutely no-fail Coconut & Lime Cake to take to the picnic and headed on out.

Prayer Flags 2
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Higlights of the day were a fab lunch, some small kids underfoot, lots of dogs for the patting of, watching our Tibetan teacher Geshe-la hitch up his robes and play soccer (great kicker!), and meeting old friends and some new people. A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

...and you? How was your weekend?

[Updated: Oooh, I didn't realise it when I posted this but you can download the recipe for Delia's fantastic Coconut & Lime Cake from her website. It's from her fantastic "Summer Collection" cookbook. This cake is moist and crumbly, and has a satisfying limey tang to cut the sweetness. I've made this a bunch of times and it always gets "oohs!" and "aahs!".]


Cozalcoatl said...

My weekend was all good.
Friday night at Firefly Wine and Tapas Bar in Walsh Bay with a few folk for my birthday dinner. Not cheap but pretty good. Got totally drenched in the downpour that hit about 1945. Still we weren't the poor suckers on habour cruises.
Saturday (my birthday) did bugger all, it was great. Housework, computer, book, orderin Thai.
Sunday went to the Maritime Museum to the Viking exhibition. They have some great stuff- Lewis chessmen, silver hoards, weapons etc. Peter friend from work and part time viking made the costumes.
Then Harry Potter- visually stunning and loads of fun.
Sushi train for dinner

One more thing, before i totally rant.
Stupidest Invention Ever- womens shoes.
Stupidest Activity Ever- shopping for womens shoes.
Making Baby Jezbus cry since 1098

The Other Andrew said...

Sorry I didn't make it on Friday night, I had a rotten sore throat and stayed in. Hope you had a good birthday celebration! BTW, I tried your home phone number of a bunch of times and after 1 ring it cuts out. I tried about 8 or ten times, same each time.

I'm not a fan of shoe shopping either! Hates it.

harry said...

Did my first proper bar shift on Saturday night, which was pretty cool. Bed at 4:20am. Dad's birthday bash on Sunday where I met the guy from Air NewZealand whose spa bath uses the hydraulics from a 747. Nerd power! Also talked to a guy who is a medical consultant for the state government who has a very pleasingly holistic approach to providing medical services.
And my sister's back in town from 4months overseas, so it was good chatting to her again.

Cozalcoatl said...

Ya, Optus was down in my area for most of Friday. No internet for hours...scary, scary. I had to go and read a book.

The Other Andrew said...

Was it a book about the internet? Or maybe about online gaming?...


luscious loulou said...

Andrew, I just discovered powdered Coconut milk in my local grocers. Yay! For Delia's delish gateau. I'm such a fan of lime and coconut and easy is also another thing I'm a fan of.

If I come your way in March, please make this for my birthday cake. 'Kay?

Thanks for the link. Delia is so much like some of my aunties in her cardies and with her red hair. She's Ina (like my other aunties) without the 3 lbs of butter per dish. I like her. Very housemistressy. Girls! Girls! Gather 'round!

gott in himmel: word verification for today - uwxsrjzi

The Other Andrew said...

I heart Delia. Sure she's mumsy as all get out, especially held against someone like Nigella Lawson... but j'adore.

I have a bunch of Delia's cookbooks and they are great. I even have her cookbook for one, "One Is Fun". Yes, that's sad. It was a gift (is that sadder?)