Saturday, December 31, 2005

Telling Our Stories

Tell Your Story
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I was searching around for ideas for my last post for the year. Should I recap the year, the hardships and successes? Should I post a bunch of 5 Things about 2005? Should I snark about resolutions not kept, or more accurately not even made, in 2005?

None of it really sat right, but then I walking through Newtown yesterday afternoon and decided to take some snaps of my favourite 'story tiles' that make up part of the public art installations outside the Newtown Community Centre. Then I came across the piece of graffito above, that exhalts people to tell their story.

Story Tile 1
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It got me thinking about this little home on the web and what it became to me during 2005. Even though I started this blog back in 2004, it really became something I relished during 2005. As I started getting more comments from you nice folk, it became a more rewarding exercise. Mostly because it was connecting us. Blogging is partly a solitary exercise. It's mostly me and the keyboard. What makes this medium come alive for me, the person driving the bus, is when you guys drop me a little line and show me a little of yourselves. If I had gone on forever not getting any comments I probably would have given up. I can't imagine writing away like the old school journals of years past without the ability to have people interact through comments.

Story Tile 2
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If you leave me a comment, and you have a blogger profile, you can be 100% certain I will follow the link back and read your blog. Guarranteed. I've been a reader of online journals, and then blogs, for over 10 years. I can't get enough.

I don't intellectualise about it too much. Initially I wanted this blog to be about 'good' and 'serious' writing, but I'm much happier with what it has become. I like sharing things, whether I think they are dumb, funny or profound. Each time I make a post I guess I'm showing a little of myself, telling my story in tiny little idiosyncratic chapters.

Story Tile 3
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I like the little glimpses other people's blogs give me into who they are (or who they'd like to be sometimes). I've become addicted to Flickr for the same reason, people's snapshots intrigue me and fill me with admiration, laughter and even awe sometimes.

Story Tile 4
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So, as 2005 comes to a close I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading. Thanks to those of you who decide to leave me a comment, they are always much appreciated. A huge thanks to all those people on my sidebar who have blogs of their own, you guys entertain me, make me laugh and make me think every day. Thanks for telling your stories.

Have a wonderful New Year celebration, however you decide to mark the turning of the year. I hope 2006 turns out to be everything that you want it to be.



worldpeace and a speedboat said...

truly lovely post!

yay TOA :)

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Speedster, have a great New Year!

Michael Guy said...

A most HAPPY NEW YEAR wish for every joy in 2006!

:: clinking expensive champagne flutes ::

freakgirl said...

Happy 2006. Is it already 2006 for you? It's only 10:30 in the morning on the 31st here.

Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve.

Hugs and kisses.

The Other Andrew said...

Happy New Year, Michael G & FreakGirl! Thanks to both of you for entertaining me so much over the past year. Mr Guy, you're a more recent addition to my reading list, but Lordy how did I ever do without you? :-)

(Yes FG, we're like 16 hours ahead of you or something. So tomorrow.)