Monday, October 31, 2005

From The 'World's Worst Kept Secrets' File.

Star Trek's George "Mr Sulu" Takei comes out.

World says, "Well, duh."

[Link via kottke.]


luscious loulou said...

I still think it will make a difference to the world, Andrew. Even if just a little bit.

In an article I read, E Online, I think, he said he'd been in a relationship for 18 years and his friends and family had always been aware but he just hadn't spoken to the press.

I just think that maybe there could be some homophobes (perhaps a few Trekkies even) who maybe will ponder and maybe figure that this is just a man living a life and that there are other gay men and women, just living lives. Maybe some dumpy teen-age boy in a coffee shop will feel a bit more empowered to just be himself or something. Ya never know. It's positive anyway.


The Other Andrew said...

I do actually agree with you, I think it is always beneficial when someone in the public eye comes out. I have a long history as a Trekkie, I did the whole convention nerd thing when I was a teenager. I always knew Takei was gay, which was confirmed because he was on friendly terms with a friend of mine and she confirmed the fact. I have killer gaydar, so it always seemed obvious to me.

I was just pulling a jaded hipster 'tude in this post, I do think he has done a very good thing.

gadgetgirl70 said...

Good for him. (and all of is!)


yaniboy said...

I must have been living under a rock... I had absolutely no idea he was gay, not until I saw it on some (other) random blog/news blog this week...

So finally, we get a fagola on the Enterprise... yaaaaay! *grin*

Michael said...

You have to love the picture they are running with this story. Drive that point home, guys!

luscious loulou said...

Tab Hunter speaks to George at Vanity Fair:

Doesn't say much really. Didn't have an affair with Rock Hudson, nor with James Dean. But had 3 years with Tony Perkins. Sheesh. Tony. Why not Rock??? :P

Like Takei, Tab says, "I have a relationship that I've had for 20-some years."

George wants dirt and Tab just won't dish.

He does talk a wee bit about fear of the press. I think I'll read his book cuz there's got to be more to him than this.

The Other Andrew said...

I plan to get Tab Hunter's book too, should be an interesting read.

I read the other day that John Barrowman has been with his partner for 13 years, considering that he's not that old I think that's awesome.