Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Telephone Conversation During Last Night's Episode Of "Dancing With The Stars: Series 3"

Collingwood Aussie Rules footballer (and hottie) Brodie Holland & his partner Alana take to the stage to dance the Salsa. Brodie descends on a rope vine, wearing nothing but a pair of skin-tight leopard print lycra pants. His torso is quite spectacular.

my phone rings

Me: "Hello?"
Mikey, the lovely ex: "Are you watching Dancing With The Stars?"
Me: "Holy CRAP!"
Mikey, the lovely ex: [laughs] "Exactly!"


Michael said...

I'm all vicarious with the lust in your heart, especially when you clarify that lycra is indeed 'skin tight'. And he's got you so bothered you even misspell 'leopard'? Oh God, I have to find a screen capture.

PS My word verification is 'bjbzzn'. Hot.

The Other Andrew said...

Mmmmm, bj buzzin'!

I sometims mispell when I'm exited... probelm?

I did indeed have lust in my heart last night, yessir! Brodie is working the sex appeal factor for votes. A few weeks back they showed him doing a nude photo shoot for Black & White magazine (softcore for the masses). This is prime time tv. Don't you wish you were in OZ? :-)

yaniboy said...

Ahhh, the wonders of gay men on the internet...

Fifth paragraph...