Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dude, Where's My Serenity?

I kicked off the long weekend with a nice start last night.

I met up with Mikey (the lovely ex) straight after work and went to see an early session of the movie 'Serenity'. I really liked it, it was very action packed and had some lighter moment like the 'Firefly' series, but I feel like I have to see it again to really sort out my feelings about it. That isn't negative, but... well I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it so I'll reserve saying anything more.

I had a half an hour to kill before the movie so I went into JB Hi Fi in Galeries Victoria and bought a couple of DVDs on sale, Lust In The Dust (Divine, Tab Hunter and Lainie Kazan) and Dude, Where's My Car? (Ashton Kutcher, Sean William Scott). Two deeply silly films, but at under $20 for the pair, not bad value. Divine is/was my favourite Gender Illusionist and there are worse things in life to look at than a shirtless Sean William Scott... And then?

After the movie Mikey and I went to Miro for tapas. Miro used to be a favourite of mine, but sadly it seems to be losing its edge. Some of the dishes were as good as always, but a few of them were barely edible. The service was enthusiastic, but not brilliant, and the dishes dribbled in over about a 45 minute time frame. So the restaurant was less than thrilling but Mikey and I had a great conversation, got into a deep conversation about our time together, where we are both at in lives now, his ciurrent guy troubles etc. It was an interesting conversation and Mikey told me some stuff I hadn't heard before about what went on during our time together, and how he feels about where I seem to be at these days (all quite flattering). It was a good conversation to have had, cleared up a few things. We left the restaurant about 11 and headed our seperate ways.

I wasn't ready to go to bed when I got home, so I sat up until about 1am watching "Dude Where's My Car" (I only slow-mo'd over the Ashton Kutcher/Sean William Scott kiss like a couple or five times). As proud owner of the title of the "Most Crap At Sleeping, Ever" I was bing! wide awake at 5.30am and so have been pottering around the Interweb since. The best thing about an unplanned long weekend, the potential for naps are endless.


harry said...

When I was having a beer with Joss...
Did I mention I had beers with Joss? No?
Oh well, when I was having beers with Joss he said that if there was a second movie it would be set before the current movie.

ms.speedy.on.hols said...

harry: stop the wanking.

TOA: what did you think???? I can't believe not everyone didn't survive (trying to not spoil here but, hey, it's been released and all now).

the movie set before the first movie if there's another movie is the ONLY thing saving Joss from a good slapping.

we went and saw it again on thurs night. the theatre at rhodes was prolly about one third to half full, mostly but not all Jossgeeks. I thought that was pretty respectable. the soundtrack was really good and added to the feel - interesting how it really does make a difference...

The Other Andrew said...

I agree with speedy, time to slacken the grip and get your hand off it... Dead envious, natch. What, you couldn't reach a phone? I'm listed. I could have jumped in a cab... :-)

I'm holding off spoilering too much because the US got it 48 hours after us (given the day later release, and the time difference). As I said, I did like it. There was a plot twist that I'm none too happy about (I'm sure you can guess what I'm referring to). I could have sacrificed a wee bit of action for a bit more humour and classic Firefly characterisations. I did like the way the stories were tied together though. I want to see it again and get a better feel for it.

duane said...

"there are worse things in life to look at than a shirtless Sean William Scott"

LOL... this is the very reason that I cannot justify getting rid of this dvd. HA!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

okay... non-spoily-time is officially up.

you didn't like the Book or the Wash plot twist? I have ranted to anyone who'll put up with me about the Book one. I mean, Wash is delightful and indeed a leaf on the wind, but BOOK! oh, the wasted plot lines. and so enigmatic. sigh. I love Book. did you see the post I did on Ron Glass a coupla weeks ago? anyway if Joss means what he says about the next movie being set between the series and the movie, well, he'll avoid a slapping.

agreed about the action vs humour, but there were plenty of giggle moments - especially when Jayne was on the screen. movie or series, whenever Jayne appears I automatically giggle like an idiot schoolgirl... anyway, I imagine the action levels were all about capturing an audience which will now go and buy the series. so I can deal with that.