Thursday, October 27, 2005

Does This Constitute A Blog Entry?

So far I have held off posting anything today, because, well, frankly there isn't much to post about. (Does posting about not having anything to post about create some sort of existentialist conundrum? Or just make me a 16 year old LiveJournal user?)

So, here is a brief recap of today with my subjective Interest Factor scores:
  • Woke at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. (C-)
  • Read the internets and cruised for online porn until 6.30am (A+, remember this is my point of view)
  • Walked to work, weather already hot at 7.30am (B)
  • Spent a greater % of time over at Pipedreams making thinly veiled/not veiled at all penis and bum comment referrences, than actually working (A)
  • Still haven't reconciled loan account, should have finished days ago (D-)
  • Boring lunch, 2 minor (and not blog worthy) budget DVD purchases (C+)
  • Most fave bloggers from the Northern Hemisphere now fast asleep, curse fate as blog commenting grinds to a halt (D)
  • Desultory work attempts (F)
  • Compose lame blog entry instead, consider hating myself then decide can't be bothered (C)


Anonymous said...

I'm envious. You're heading into spring and we're...well, we're getting snuggle-factor weather. Yep, Good ole Australia is THE place to be this time of year.

The Other Andrew said...

I think Global Warming decreed that we would bypass Spring this year and head straight for Summer. Today is milder, but it has been hot for this time of year.

Hottest Summer on record is one of the predictions for this year. I'm meeeeeeeltinggggg...

Mindy said...

Ha, she says from Alice Springs. Come up here and complain about the weather! Actually I find Sydney humidity harder to take than Alice dry heat. Except that it's humid up here now too. Word verification hwgodqa - approximately the sound I make when stepping out the door of the house into the early morning heat. 28c and rising at 7.40am!

The Other Andrew said...

Mindy, I grew up in Adelaide where the mercury would often soar above 40+ C for days on end, but it was dry heat. Still not much fun, but yes that kind of dry heat is easier to deal with than humidity. I went back to live there for a couple of years at the end of the '90s but had real problems with dry sinus and hay fever - the other side of the dry climate debate.

Michael said...

So your two highest marks were reserved for online porn and sexual double entendre. Nice. And familiar. Comfy for me.

The Other Andrew said...

Yup, I'm nothing if not self indulgent. Plus they were the two things I could have happily done all day, the rest of it... err, not so much.

Speaking of the internets and things that make you go schwing, have a look at handsome Mr Brian Fletcher at the top of these comments everyone. Everyone say 'Hi Brian'. It got more handsome around here all of a sudden.

Michael said...

Oh, I did have a look. And oh yes, he is.
Andrew, as if the piercing stare didn't have you sprung already, he quilts.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! ...and Grrr!

Now let's see you go all 'you and your Martha Stewart...' ways hey Bodhi?

PS. Brian, how does it feel to be objectified? It only happens to the nicest people 'round these parts.