Wednesday, October 26, 2005

5 Reasons To Be Cheerful

  1. Another rockin' walk into work this morning. Sure it's hot and I was schwitzing like a pig when I got into work, but quality deodorant saves the day.
  2. A lunchtime purchase of the DVD of Broadway: The American Musical. Show tunes!
  3. New office, new flatscreen monitor, new printer & new scanner. My veins are thrumming with the technology that surrounds me.
  4. Delicious strawberries.
  5. Noticing that one of the ├╝ber-macho workmen installing the glass doors on the front of our building was slyly checking out exactly the same business suited hotties I was. Gotcha!


Michael said...

Your new electronic gadgets have me tingling by proxy.
Are strawberries in season there now. And if you tell me strawberries are always in season there so help me god...
Oh, and showtunes! Yay!

I think I like what you like, Andrew. And you. I like you, too.

The Other Andrew said...

Big, fat & juicy (the strawberries). Ok, there's at least, you know, a few months of the year that they aren't around. :-)

Don't hate us because we live in Paradise, m'kay?

Yay showtunes! Sing out Louise!

The Other Andrew said...

Ack, what does it say about my psyche that I completely just skipped the line where you say you like me, you really like me. :-) Back at ya.