Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feel My Pain

I'm labouring under a killer headache and really bad sinus pain today, feeling weary and flat and a just a wee bit mean as shit around the edges. I'm at work, but planning my escape (unfortunately no sheets to knot together, and a couple of skanky tea towels from the kitchen just won't reach down 11 floors).

If my mood and headache improve I might post later today, otherwise play nicely and don't break anything.


Michael said...

Too bad I'm not there, A. I know spots on you that would melt that pain right away. Hope you feel better.

Loving "wee bit mean as shit".

P.S. It's been weeks since the last sickly post. Things are looking up!

Things are looking up! I've been looking the landscape over and it's covered with four leaf clover, oh, things are looking up since loved looked up at me.

The Other Andrew said...

I feel better already.

The thing about sinus is that it is such a lame duck excuse for feeling rotten, but yet it can make you feel so awful. I mean, it's not like it's consumption or the ague or anything.

So not only do you push my buttons, but you can also accupressure me into bliss? Dude! Fucking 'tyranny of distance'.