Friday, October 28, 2005

My Town Newtown

I frequently mention my 'hood of Newtown in my posts, and the pictures I post on this blog are often of things I've seen around the streets of this little enclave. Newtown is a cool blend of the down at heel and the high heeled. The second biggest gay community in Sydney, a big universtity crowd, old folks who have lived here forever and now lots of 'two income & one child' young families. Once off the main streets, Newtown is mostly a warren of narrow streets and back lanes with either two storey terrace houses or narrow fronted single storey 'workers' cottages' (like mine).

I just joined the Newtown photo pool on Flickr, so if you're interested in a more detailed and varied look at this little place I call 'home' why not check it out.


Michael said...

I wanna wake up where you are....

The Other Andrew said...

That's it, that's my 'hood! If you look up above the street level, above the awnings, most of the buildings are lovely old Victorians.

Where that photo is taken from, if you turn around and walk down the street (Erskineville Rd) you pass the street where my Buddhist centre is on the left and eventually you end up at the Imerial Hotel (gay bar, exteriors and some interiors used in Priscilla Queen of the Desert). One day I'll show you in person.

[Word verification fun: "maligaml" - You might want to get that looked at, it could be maligaml!]