Monday, October 10, 2005

5 Interesting Things I Did This Weekend

  1. Kissed a man in the supermarket. Twice*.
  2. Popped Bodhi's reality tv cherry by making him watch last night's Australian Idol 'Big Band' episode
  3. Got my costume for the Trafalgar Dinner about one third finished
  4. Discovered I have blog readers in South Africa, France, Germany and Mexico
  5. Went blonde (ish).

* Same man! What, you think I'm easy?


Bodhi said...


Just a few brief points of discussion here TOA.

Let me be the first to say, umm, how shall I put this ... oh stuff it .... spill, bitch. We want details!

Although I do feel a little violated, I can assure my fellow readers that I have indeed survided the reality tv show expereince relatively unscathed. Although my previous decision to not watch said shows is in no danger of being revoked.

And Hello!, if you had to make me watch a show of that genre Andrew, my only question is why, why, oh why! could it not have been the episode with Brodie and Dancing with the Stars.


The Other Andrew said...

On the making of the kissy-face with a man in the supermarket, it's not quite as exciting as it sounds. :-) He's nice, I know him, it was a nice couple of kisses but something/nothing may happen in the future. It was nice to be kissed.

Brodie and I have a special relationship, what you think I'd risk you muscling in on it?...

Bodhi said...

A Bodhi Brodie Menage a Trois?

You should be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky ...)


wingedman said...

Oh! Kissing!

Isn't a kiss just a kiss but only in some place nobody ever goes to anymore?

But it's nice to have some intimacy...although doing it twice is fair eyebrow-raising game.

The Other Andrew said...

Wingedman, in my gay gay gay neighbourhood it didn't even raise an eyebrow.

I heart intimacy.