Thursday, October 13, 2005

Spicks & Specks

This will be a bit boring for anyone who doesn't live in Australia, so apologies in advance, but I just have to share my obsession with the Aussie ABC tv show Spicks and Specks.

I will stay home on Wednesday nights so that I don't miss it, and I haven't done that for a tv show in ages. I don't think I have caught an episode yet that has been less than hysterical. The talent co-ordinators on this show do a great job, by blending comedians and musicians they pretty much always ensure that at least 2 out of three people on each panel are funny and the depth of the music knowledge from everyone can be really surprising. What can be a nice surprise is that sometimes the musicians are as funny as the comedians.

I love the anarchic nature of the segments, and the loose and funny feeling of the show. This Wikipedia entry has a pretty good summary of the show and some of my favourite segments. Who knew that it would be so hard to tell the difference between an unflattering picture of a musican, and a flattering picture of a serial killer?

Oh, and the fact that host Adam Hills just oozes congeniality, while being so very funny, is such a plus for me. What with this and his 'regular guy' cuteness, he had me at "Hello, I'm Adam Hills".


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

it was accidently discovered a few weeks ago on ForBattle! that every girl (with a telly) that comments on the blog absolutely *loves* Adam Hill.

he is so lovely. that smile!

the impressions he did of Seinfeld, Billy Connolly and Shane Bourne last night were spot on.

apart from that, Spicks and Specks is practically flawless. I never really liked Myf until I saw her on telly because she sounds like a complete dill on JJJ. now, she is cool. and who knew that Alan Brough knew so much about music! I just knew him as the computer dork from Bad Eggs.

I have made a set of party rules for Substitute. now I just have to convince Hazman to host a dinner party to play it at...

The Other Andrew said...

How about a game of 'blogger or serial killer?'...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh! nice concept TOA! I like.

I'll bet you the season will finish really, really soon. they'd better replay it over the non-ratings period.