Monday, October 24, 2005

A Bracing Start To The Week

This morning I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm was due to go off, which is a pretty standard practice for me, but then I noticed a little while later that my alarm didn't ring. A glance at the clock showed - no power. I got up and tried the lights, because on a few occasions the surge protector on my home has tripped the fuse, but no go. A quick trip outside to the fusebox showed that all looked fine.

One of my favourite pastimes is doubting myself, so my next thought was whether I'd forgotton to pay the electricity bill. Nope, I would have received a reminder at least.

Just after I leapt about in the shower washing my hair in cold water and trying to do the quickest (yet most effective) wash possible, I heard the handsome bearish guy who lives behind my house and his neighbour discussing the fact that they had no power. OK then. I put a pot of water on the gas stove to heat, so I could have a shave (I normally use an electric) but 5 minutes later the power was back on. After I'd reset the thermostat on my instantaneous hot water heater, I was back in business.

All this prompted me to think, was there ever to come a time when electricity wasn't available, or some other apocolyptic scenario such as a sun spot enduced global power surge thingie fried all electric appliances, my grooming would be shot to hell.


duane said...

I don't know of your ability to get one, but you should invest in a gas hot water heater. When the power goes out, it keeps on keeping on. I LOVE it. One of my favorite things about my house is that water heater.

The Other Andrew said...

My hot water heater is actually gas, but has an electronic control panel and I guess there is some electronic aspect to how it fires up. So no juice, no hot water. In all other aspects it rocks, the concept of endless hot water - well, they had me at 'endless'. Although, we have water restrictions here, so of course I *cough*never*cough* take long hot showers.