Sunday, October 09, 2005

You Tarzan, Me Dumbstruck

When I posted the other day about Collingwood Australian Rules footballer Brodie on "Dancing With The Stars", Michael quite rightly suggested that photographic proof was required. I'm all about sharing.

Brodie descends on a vine. Who knew tiger print lycra could look so good?

Does this picture really require a caption? I thought not.

Oh, you're welcome.

[Big thanks to the lovely Yaniboy for the heads up to the source of these pics.]


Michael said...

Christ on a cracker! That dude is jacked.

The Other Andrew said...

Now you see? Can you understand why my ex got on the phone to make sure I wasn't missing it?...

Bodhi said...


In the lyrics of Rogue Traders song Voodoo Child:

"Baby, ba-by, baaaaaaaaa-byy!"

That pic requires not so much as a caption as a noise. Its makes me feel so dirty, and yet in a good way. That hottie can be lord of my jungle any day.

By the way TOA, its turns out that the girl who sings Voodoo Child went to school with Rabbit way back in the day in Wollongong. She also sang the national anthem at the Rugby Leage Grand Final here a few weeks back.

And yeah, Rabbit and I danced to that song last Friday at Beat Nighclub (hmmmm) in BrisVegas. Hands in the air, you know all the moves were made ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, Brodie is fine. Sudden convert to watching Dancing With The Stars now, hey Bodes? Surprisingly, for a footballer he actually isn't too bad a dancer - although he needs to stop pulling such funny faces when he dances. He has the most beautiful body.

The girl who sang Voodoo Child, Sophie someone? I love that song. Rougue Traders have yet to release a dud I think. My other fave at the moment is Timo Maas 'First Day (of the rest of your life)'... do not get between me and the dancefloor if the DJ spins it.

[Oooh, the Word Verification thingie was SXSXDOC! Sex Sex Doc! Dirty.]

yaniboy said...

Coz I'm all about the sharing...

And the singer from Rogue Traders is Natalie Bassingthwaighte... or that dumb Izzy cow from Neighbours.

Mindy said...

His team mates may never let him live those pants down, but I'm so glad he wore them.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh god, there is something so wrong with me... because he is just NOT my sort. I could never be a gay man. I can't stand artificially sculptured men.

especially ones which look like they don't have two neurones to make a synapse.


The Other Andrew said...

He's an AFL footballer, and those guys are pretty darn fit. No matter how he got that look, I really don't care, because he looks fine. I do know what you mean though, I generally prefer more of a 'regular guy' look - but I can also look at Brodie and say that his body is beautiful. I don't like the look of guys bigger than this though.

I haven't yet met a gay man with a (natural) vagina, so yes you probably never would make a gay man... :-)

wingedman said...


Me Tarzan, you James!

luscious loulou said...

Holy moly! The first pic lulled me into a false sense of , "geez, tiger pants."

And then, after "Holy Moly" was sighed out of my mouth, my eyes glazed a wee bit and I think I might have done the slack mouth with a little bit of drool out of both sides of my mouth. Perhaps not particulary attractive but a genuine female response, nonetheless.

Thank you, Andrew. Saved to file and joining my "Brodie in a toque doing biceps" on my Desktop.

Did I say, thank-you? Thank you.


The Other Andrew said...

I know, I mean, WOW.

You're most welcome.