Saturday, October 01, 2005

Port Wine Magnolia

When the lovely Martin and Lisa where in town a couple of weekends ago, my friend Bodhi and I showed them around Sydney and ended up at one of my favourite places, the Chinese Gardens of Friendship.

Magnolia blossoms, Chinese Garden of Friendship. Sydney, September, 2005.

These blossoms really caught my eye, and I just had to take a picture of them. No really I had to, Bodhi insisted. I'm glad he did, the colour and the light are lovely.


ms.speedy.on.hols said...

I love magnolias, TOA, we had a beautiful one very similar to your photo out at the parents house. some friends of ours has the most magnificent, enormous magnolia trees with huge creamy flowers which are unbelievably elegant.

magnolias are just so bloody classy.

The Other Andrew said...

I love magnolias too, I especially like the way they are sort of unruly... not a tightly packed, bunched sort of flower, but a tad more anarchic. Floppy.

I also like big waxy flowers, like these and tulips etc. I really like they way magnolias flower after they have dropped their foliage, the bare twigs with these big flowers just look amazing. Yellow magnolias are glorious.