Monday, July 04, 2005

The Week That Was

Wow, last week was quite some week.

All I can say is, the 30 June end of financial year deadline is an absolute bitch. I was clocking up anything up to 13 hours a day at work for much of last week. Remember how on Sunday night you would frantically try and get the school assignment that was due on Monday finished? That was our entire office last week.

From Wednesday through to Saturday my sister was in Sydney for a work related trip. I hadn't seen her for about 18 months, because I didn't go over to her home town of Ballarat for Christmas last year. It was nice to hang out for the brief amount of time we could, given both of our hectic schedules. We had a lovely dinner at Chinta Ria, a funky Asian restaurant down by the water. We did get to hang out for most of Saturday though and I got to play tour guide. We did some of the required tourist things such as riding the Monorail, which was lots of fun. She seems to be in a pretty good space at the moment, enjoying her job and her kids, with the only downside being a few marital 'wobbles' she's going through.

Somehow yesterday I managed to pack in about 5 hours of working on the database at the Buddhist centre I attend, and a few hours of helping some friends try and sort out their end of year bookkeeping woes.

So Monday morning has rolled around and I haven't a) cleaned my house b) done any laundry for the week ahead or c) had any 'downtime' to recharge the batteries. Despite that I had a productive week and I really enjoyed the time I spent with my sister, and the weekend was frantically busy but still enjoyable. This week will still be busy but should be a little less frantic without the 30 June deadline, and I take up my new position (and new salary, woot!), so it should be an interesting week ahead.

Have a great Monday everyone!

[Updated: Oops, I like sooo totally forgot to mention that I saw War Of The Worlds on Saturday night with Bodhi and Ashley. Cool film, loved it, and it rocked so badly that I almost forgot to throw up in my mouth a little when everyone's favourite Operating Thetan VII, Dr Cruise, walked on screen. He even underplayed it for the most part, although I thought his 'intense' routine at the end was about as over-played as his 'Oprah' performance. Still, well done Mr Spielberg.]


Bodhi said...

Ugly, bizarre, scary, destructive, frightening and committed are just some words that come to mind after seeing War of the Worlds.

But that's enought about Tom.

The aliens were COOL!

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, the aliens were certainly cool. The effects were amazing I thought, all that storm stuff early on and then the early shots of the tripods... very, very cool and quite scary.

Love your comments about Dr Tom! If he can show a greater range than 'crazy, crazy' and 'white hot anger' on screen, you'd think he'd be able to at least fake it off screen as well. Huh, guess not.

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