Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Brimful Of Mystery Solved

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this post is quite possibly of interest to me, and only me, but what's it all about if it isn't about me? Right?

Before going out on Friday night I was playing a dance remix album, and sort of bopping around the house getting ready. You know, as you do. One song that I have always liked , and there is a remix on this CD, is 'Brimful of Asha' by Cornershop. Now I like this song, but I have never understood it. Brimful of what?... What's on the 45?... I have never been home to Mr Comprehension on this one.

Anyhoo, I was sort of half listening to the lyrics when I heard:
I'm dancin' behind movie scenes
Behind those movie screens
Asha Bhosle
She's the one that keeps the dream alive
From the morning past the evening to the end of the life

A classic 'Ah ha!' moment. Not only is the song about something dear to my heart (Bollywood movies) but the whole focus of the song is a singer I admire greatly, Asha Bhosle. She's about 72 years old now and still going strong. If you have ever seen a Bollywood film, and you saw an actress 'singing', chances are you have heard Asha Bhosle. She gives depth and breadth to the term prolific.

I read somewhere that she is the single highest selling recording artist on the planet, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is true.


Bodhi said...

Yes, yes, yes, its all about vous, m'kay Andrew [rolling eyes]

What .... everrrrr

Anyways, back to moi. Actually, I quite like this song myself. I have it on one of my Triple J compilation CD's from quite a few years back. I used to happily sing along, and always did wonder a bit about what those lyrics meant.

And now I know. Possibly the only other guy on the entire planet aside from yourself whom this post was actually of some interest too. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, me thinking similiar to yourself. Should I just que the spooky music now, or should I be considering a psychiatric evaluation?

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

...or, instead of a psychiatric evaluation (which, let's face it, couldn't hurt anyway) you could just be thankful, grateful, not everyone gets to think like me and live to tell the tale.

The compilation CD I have this on is a 3 CD box set from Wild FM that I was given for my birthday last year. Not bad, for young people's music.

harry said...

Took me a while to work out '45' meant a record player, but why a 'brimful'?

The Other Andrew said...

Yes Harry, '45' is indeed a 'record', or more acurately a 'single'...

I still (accidentally) refer to CDs as 'albums', all the damn time. But then I was invented before they even had ATMs.