Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Meet 'Shrieky'

I've been pretty quiet about my recent PC woes (Disappointed? I thought so.), but I've been blogging from work these past weeks so it really hasn't been that much of an issue. Anyhoo, to know me is to know that at the mention of 'computer hardware' my eyes glaze over. I've had a number of bordeline techie jobs in my life, but thankfully I was always 'the software guy'. Want anything more from me than pressing the ON button and I'll look at you, squint my eyes a bit, suck air over my teeth, shake my head just a little and murmer "Mmmmm, nup. Hardware."

But I digress. I bought a new modem, and I connected up all the 'leads' to the 'computer' my very own self and everything, and so now I'm once again on The Internets at home and it's even a tad faster than before.

However, if you go out and buy a D-Link V.92 Analog External Modem* well then Jebus H Cripes, prepare your eardrums. This Motherfunking icehole of a thing is LOUD. Even my modem is a screamer...

* Cutting-edge technology.

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