Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Music

I enjoy music, but generally speaking I don't buy a huge amount of it and I can go days (or maybe even weeks) without turning on the CD player. When I find a track, a CD, or an artist that I fall in love with though, I fall hard.

I walked into a music store on the weekend and was cruising the CD sale tables, looking at the New Releases, checking out the DVDs they had, all the usual drill... when a new track started on the in-house music system. It was like an epiphany, I literally felt my head snap around and my first thought was "Who, and what, is that?!"

The answer: the track was 'Ruby Blue' and the artist, Roisin Murphy. Former 'voice of Moloko' and now soloist. I can't quite describe the unique soundscapes on this CD; sort of lounge-y and jazzy, with bits of World Music influences and the occasional bit of Goldfrapp-esque bleep-bloop electronica mixed in. Extremely cool and worth a listen.

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