Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thanks Global Warming!

We've been having a little mini-Spring in the middle of Winter here in Sydney, and well, I'm loving it. Cool to cold mornings and evenings, and mild sunny days with blue skies. I'm trying not to think too hard about what this dry weather means for my garden, or water restrictions in general. My attitude is very much 'glass half full', when the reality is that the water level in the glass (to extend the metaphor) is actually dropping alarmingly.

Winter is never that cold in Sydney by international standards, but even still it's nice to be able to go to work in a light cotton jacket and not feel cold. Last night I walked home from work, about an hour trip, and ended up stripping off my jacket as it was quite mild and I was working up a sweat. My behaviour changes quite dramatically with the weather too. Maybe I'm a candidate for SAD (Seasonally Affective Disorder)? This past week I've felt more like eating healthy foods instead of winter 'stodge', eating more fruit especially, feeling brighter, and generally being more active and wanting to exercise more.

I'm ready for Spring, bring it on!

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