Sunday, July 24, 2005


This week's Photo Friday topic is Attractive.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Marcello. Drag show dancer at The Imperial Hotel (which I wrote about here) and dead-set Hottie McHotterton. Once again I'm posting a poor quality pic, but with all that compact and muscled flesh on show, does it really matter?

Somehow he even manages to make a pink cowboy outfit look good. Marcello, The Imperial Hotel, 2003.

Deep down, I'm very shallow.


Bodhi said...


** SIGH **

If that's a cowboy, I've never so much wanted to be a horse in my entire life - oops, did I just say that out loud? ... "Somehow he even manages to make a pink cowboy outfit look good". Damn, somewhat like the Rabbit, that boy could make a garbage bag look hot and glamorous.

Hmmmmm. Its really not the clearest picture is it Andrew? You cannot get a true appreciation for the physical majesty of the physicality and cuteness of this boy from the picture. Oh well, it looks like I will just have to keep going back to the Imperial Hotel to remind myself. Again, and again, and again ...

Oh, and some of my favourite quotes from Friday night with you, Moi and the Rabbit are as follows:

"What exactly do they do at gay clubs?" - Rabbit
"They seek out bi boys and bash them with crowbars whilst screaming 'make up your mind, BITCH'" - Moi
"Oh thats OK then, for a while there I was a little worried" -Rabbit

"How exactly do you pick up a lesbian" - Rabbit.

"Just what the Imperial needs. A bi-boy, pretending to be straight, in a gay pub. Dude, you have ISSUES!" - Me to the Rabbit

"Meditation is all about relaxing, so if you happen to fall asleep in the middle of it - HELLO, its WORK ..ING" - Rabbit

"Hmmmmmmm, he does have a GREAT body" - Rabbit on first seeing our boy Marcello.

"I've never met that boy before in my life" - Me to Rabbit, after being pashed and partially molested mid drag show by a Christian (no, thats not his religion, its his name); a guy he has never met.

"You will look like a lamington" - Andrew to Rabbit. After he wore all black and walked under the UV lights in the Imperial's nighclub.

Thanks for a great night Andrew, the Rabbit and I had a lot of fun!

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, Friday night was a blast!

I know this isn't the best pic of Marcello, I was taking pics of the show without a flash so you gets what you gets under those circumstances unfortunately. I'm half expecting to get some flack from someone over posting a semi-nude gay boy on Photo Friday... I hope not.

BTW I went to the Newtown with Robbie and Mikey on Saturday night too and saw THE WORST drag show. Hideous. 'Bette Midler' themed, which in itself would be ok if it stayed to camp and funny, but in this instance it meant laughable props and a 'worthy' rendition of The Rose. Ack.

The Kid said...

Typical. What is it with you boys and your double entendre and perving? I have to admit,Marcello is pretty hot, though i don't like the pink. Put him in one of those Babylon dancing boys outfits (Canadian Queer As Folk referance), have him dancing on the podium all sweaty and glittery, and he's perfect.

The Kid