Monday, July 25, 2005

Go Give Him Some Loving

When I started this blog my inspiration came in part from two very nice and popular bloggers, Deb over at Freakgirl and Max at Lots of Co. Aside from their own writing, one of the other really enjoyable things about both blogs is the interaction that happens on their comments. In fact it was coming up with a 'handle' to distinguish myself from another commentor called Andrew that made me create 'The Other Andrew' as a title.

One of my fellow commentors, who quite often comments here too, is Michael E. Funny and sexy, daddy's gone and got himself a brand new blog. It's baby steps time, so why not go on over and check him out. After all, everyone needs a dose of performance anxiety at least once in their life.


Bodhi said...


The Other Michael's new blog does indeed look like a lot of fun, but the only downside is that this virgin blogger newbie's site does not yet allow anonymous non-bloggers to post!

So, all in all a nice diversionary tactic there Andrew, but it looks like I will have to continue to haunt YOUR blog and make even MORE comments here for some time yet ...

[I bet your trying to email him now and get that changed..]

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, I didn't notice because I was already logged into Blogger when I hied on over and left him a couple of comments. My bad, as they say. There's an option on there that you have to tick to allow 'anonymous' and 'other' posts, and the best option to use is 'other' as that lets you put your name on the post even if you don't have a Blogger ID.

Michael E honey, if you read this, wanna fix that?

Michael said...

Thanks for the love, A. To find out at 5:30 AM, whilst still 2xist clad (ahem), scared me and the boys a bit, but I've since recovered. Took me a sec to figure out how you found out about my clandestine affair with myself. I said I was opening myself up for ridicule and I'm nothing if not a man of my word. You laughed with me and not at me just then, right?

Max said...

Thanks for the nice words (comments are my favorite part of blogging) and for the heads-up on the M.E. blog, since he OBVIOUSLY wasn't going to tell the rest of us for a while! :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Jeebus H Cripes on a cracker, Michael honey who thought that your blog was an exercise in onanism, not yet ready for the world?

Sorry dude, for the 'exposure' and all, but then it did give you an opportunity to work in the 2xist boxer briefs and 'the boys'... In the words of Miss Nathan Lane "Where are the polaroids, what am I a mind reader?"

The Other Andrew said...

Max, you are most welcome. You were, and still are, an inspiration.

Unfortunately I can't actually comment on your blog anymore, since you changed over to your new blogging software the server at my work seems to block the cookies, or whatever (blah, blah techspeak) it requires. I can comment from my PC at home, but the time difference usually means that all the comment threads are ancient by the time I get to them.