Sunday, July 17, 2005

Almost Impossibly Hot

I saw Fantastic Four last night, and it was enjoyable. I thought the story a bit thin in quite a few patches and some of the CGI effects early on looked surprisingly hokey, but ladies and gentlemen once Chris Evans as The Human Torch walked on screen, it became a whole different ballgame...

Photographic proof, that The Human Torch is indeed hot.

Such a flamer! (I wish)

What's not to love?


Bodhi said...

According to Buddhist teaching, Tanha (craving) leads to suffering ... damn his hotness, looks like it might be more practise for me for a while yet.

By the way Andrew, The "Unholy Trinity", (Father, Daughter and Unholy Bunny) thoroughly enjoyed movies and cafe with you and Mikey on Saturday night. We must do it again sometime.

And Mikey (hello!) thanx for the Unholy Trinity tag - lol. We love it.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

When it comes to Chris Evans, I am definately at the whim of craving... oy, that boy is gorgeous.

The 'Unholy Trinity' tag is apt, isn't it? Mikey comes out with some great zingers every now and then. When we were a couple, our mutual sense of humour was one of the intial attractions we had for each other and it's what has kept us friends since to a large degree.