Monday, July 18, 2005

Contractually Obligated Outback House Post

Sunday night in my world is Outback House night, but I have to say that last night's episode was OK, but by comparison a bit on the 'meh' side for me. Sheep washing, heatwave, hot and grumpy kids, another Governess arrived, someone else 'voted themselves off the island'... it just seemed a bit flat. I guess it was partly because the main focus of the episode was showing the reality of the heat, the drudgery, the frustration and (in at least one case) the desire to quit. There just wasn't much light amongst the dark.

Thankfully hunky Adam got shirtless much of the time, so you know, it wasn't all bad. Dan got nowhere near enough 'face time' though, and so we got precious few 'bon mots' this episode. We did get to see his range though, from passifying the grumpy hordes (three hot and tired children) with a reading from Jane Austen, to leaping into action (and muddy water) to save a drowning sheep. Action Dan!

I have watched all the other 'House' series and this one has definately had the largest turnover of participants, and looks like it was probably the most physically gruelling on them. The first Cook (fired, then back, then gone again), The Overseer (fired, or at least fell on his sword), the first Governess (retired ill) and now one of the Maids (quit), all gone.

Where's Jeff Probst with the torch snuffer?

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