Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Since Saturday my dear sweet friend Robbie has been in town for 5 days of R 'n R, luxury hotel pampering and catching up with friends, and leaves today to go home to Melbourne. Robbie and I have been friends for something like 21 or 22 years now, and have seen each both go through major life changes, waistline changes and boyfriend changes. Yeah gods I love this man (but not in a dirty monkey love sort of way). We could not see each other for a year or so and would literally just pick up from the last sentence we spoke to each other. There are few people I can laugh with as much as I can with Robbie.

Last night we had a couple of drinks and then headed off, for one of the best Thai meals I have ever had, to Thai Pothong. Tamarind Tofu (with lashings of chilli and garnished with deep fried garlic slices) and then a vegetable Green Curry. I would marry that Green Curry if I could, it was that good.

Robbie is off travelling again (hey, thank you Trust Fund!) and over dinner we hatched some possible travel plans for late 2006. I want to go to Kopan (in Nepal) to do a 30 day course of Buddhist teachings in November 2006, and Robbie wants to see parts of Tibet and Nepal. I threw in a side trip to Sikkim in northern India, if we can swing it. Of course we all know what this means, saving. Urgh.

I'm busting out of my skin with thought of the possibilities.


Michael said...

Now I got the travel-jones-by-proxy. Sounds incredible.
While you were hatching those amazing plans, I was learning that my potential Summer '06 Down Under trek is in jeopardy.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh no! Anything I can say, or do, to make sure you 'get down under'?