Saturday, July 16, 2005

Of Domestic Bliss, And Mayhem

Saturday morning, sun shining, and I am a Domestic Demon. Tell that Martha Stewart to come see me 'cause I own housework and she owes me some royalties! Mmmmmhhhm, yes she does!

So today I'm all about:
  • Trying to reduce the normal toxic cloud of 'hospital grade' this and 'extra strength' that which normally follows me around when cleaning, by trying a couple of green options. Vinegar and hot water did a good job on the mirror and vanity (yay!) but kinda sucked a bit on the glass shower screen (boo!)
  • Loving my new Vanilla Fridge Wipe (yay!), just alcohol and vanilla (food safe but not recommended as a martini base)
  • Resolving to never, repeat never try that new thing called 'multi-tasking' ever again. "Hey, why don't I just go and check on the laundry while that kitchen sink fills up. [time passes] What's that sound?, kind of like running wa.... SHIT!" Again. (BOO!)
  • At least now the kitchen floor is clean, and those cookbooks will dry out and kind of go back to their normal shape, right?

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